31 July 2006

The Perfect Job

Oh...my...goodness. I found it. My true life's calling. THIS is exactly what I want to do! In a previous post, I discussed different majors that I think I would have liked as much as I liked math, geography, and stats. That topic also led me to think about what types of jobs I would enjoy doing, if I weren't working as a statistician (physical trainer, teaching computers to old people). However, I think that this one trumps them all. So what is it? Well, this weekend I met a woman who previously worked for a company called "Art of Moving" (http://artofmoving.com/). They "make the moving experience more manageable and reliable." So what do really they do? They plan and schedule moves. They sort and tag boxes. They "unpack and restore the new home to complete function and comfort." Basically, they are professional home organizers. UH, HELLO?!?!? Is this not me? Oh, it so is. Anyone else have any "true callings" they'd like to share?

25 July 2006

Ten (or more) Things I Hate About Maryland

Now the easy part...

  1. Weather. The summer is muggy and gross, and the winter is cold for no reason (that is, not enough snow).
  2. Traffic.
  3. The metro. Sure, it's convenient (sometimes) and it gets me where I need to go (sometimes), but honestly, it's a disaster.
  4. Running races. Sure, they're something I love, but do all the good ones have to be held on Sundays?!? (Although when I think about it, they would get me out of church every so often...)
  5. Weather. Humidity is simply miserable.
  6. Shopping. Grocery shopping isn't fun because it's expensive, and there's no Super Target. And clothing shopping isn't fun because nothing is modest.
  7. Traffic. It's so bad it's worth mentioning twice.
  8. My paperboy. He's the worst paperboy ever. I realize that this isn't really Maryland's fault, but he's from Maryland so it counts.
  9. Customer service. It simply doesn't exist in Maryland.
  10. Weather. It's really bad here, so it definitely deserves to be on here three times.

This was actually harder than I thought it would be. So I guess that's good!

Ten Things I Love About Maryland

I bet you didn't think that I could come up with ten, did you? Well, we'll see how I do.
  1. Fireflies. These are the coolest little insects and just seem so magical.
  2. Street lights at intersections that "turn off" during the late-night hours. Even though I'm not often out driving at these times, I sure do appreciate it when I am.
  3. Snow days. Even if they don't happen often enough for my tastes.
  4. Eastern market. The BEST french toast that I've had yet.
  5. Great Falls. This place truly reminds me that with the exception of the Colorado and possibly the Green, no river in Utah deserves the moniker "river," only "creek."
  6. The long run of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Only in DC can I go to Banff six nights in a row.
  7. Running races. DC always has an interesting race for me to do.

Uhh, that's all I got. Not that bad. But since I've been positive about Maryland, I think it's only fair that I'm allowed to post the worst of Maryland next time.

20 July 2006

A ragman...

I found this website (http://wordsmith.org/anagram/) that creates anagrams given any string of letters. This can be very useful if one would like to cheat while playing Scrabble, but it can also be very fun just to see what your name (or anything else) can be if the letters are stirred.

What did I find? Well, one anagram of my full name is "A lamebrain Hindu," which I suppose I am, seeing as though I'm not one. Another interesting anagram is "Hide, urban animal!" Wow. That is seriously deep. Have I come so far in my east-coast-ness that I could be considered an "urban animal?" And if so, from what should I be hiding?? Thank goodness it's not a Monday. I'm not sure I could have taken this news on a Monday.

18 July 2006

Things I've Told Myself

This morning I was thinking about the lies that I have told myself so many times, that now I actually believe them. Well, I guess technically they're not "lies;" they're simply un-verified truths. For example, I really believe that if you're driving in a small town and you see a restaurant with a red, plastic "Coca-Cola" sign (I know you can picture it) out front, then that restaurant will serve good food. Why do I believe this?! I have NO idea, but I do.

I also believe that most traffic jams that are not caused by accidents are caused by one idiot who stepped on his/her brakes, thereby causing the driver behind him/her to step on theirs, and so on. I really have zero evidence that this is true, but it is definitely something that I would pass on to others as truth.

In recognizing that I have perpetuated these un-verified truths, I wonder how often others have told me un-verified truths?!

WBMHTM, episode 2

This "lesson learned" was quite unexpected. I have learned that I really like being a wife. At least, I like being what I have interpreted the role of "wife" to be. I like making lunches for C. I like making dinner (unless it includes touching raw meat). I like keeping a straightened house (I have to say "straightened" because it's not always clean, but it is always straightened). I like keeping track of our finances and planning for our future.

I also enjoy how C has interpreted being a husband. He's helpful around the house (usually after being asked, but that's okay). He does his own laundry without complaint. He's comforting and supportive. And he does all the jobs that I don't want to (bathrooms, trash, touching raw meat).

A Different Major?

As I was laying in bed this morning, I thought of something else I'd like to write about. If I hadn't chosen to major in math, geography, or statistics, what would I have chosen? Lately, I have been thinking that it would be awesome to take courses in exercise science. As I have been training for the half-marathon, I'm learning that there's just so much about exercise and the body that I know nothing about. BYU has a program in Fitness and Wellness Management and it looks awesome. Some of the courses include nutrition, training techniques, and Stat 221. How could one go wrong?!?

Eating as a Couple

The terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad project has finally come to an end, and I can return to my normal slacker-ness. Phew. I have missed adding pictures and deep thoughts to this website. So let the deep thoughts begin:

Today I am going to discuss eating habits for couples. Never realizing how much of a girly-girl I am (maybe a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10), and realizing how much of a manly-man I married (10 out of 10), this issue has been quite something for us to overcome. From the very first meal (half of a can of soup and ten saltines) to our last meal (pancakes with sausage and eggs), I've certainly learned a lot about the difference between my eating habits and C's. First, I like things made with curry and couscous; C likes things made with beef and, well, beef. Second, while some nights I'd be happy eating only popcorn for dinner, 200-pound boys just don't seem to do so well on that. Third, side dishes are extremely important. With or without them, C will likely eat the same amount of calories, but for some crazy reason it makes me feel better if he spreads it out over two things, instead of concentrating all his efforts on one entree. There are certainly others, but I don't want to bore you. Besides, we're still learning...

WBMTHM, episode 1

One crazy thing about being married is, of course, how much you learn about your spouse. But to me, the crazier thing, is how much I have learned about myself. Of course this topic needs way more than just one post. So this will be the first of my "What Being Married Has Taught Me" (WBMHTM) series. Enjoy.

Episode 1 of WBMHTM: I have learned that I am NOT low-maintenance, nor am I easy going. For those of you who know me well, please please please do not say, "You're just learning this?" In fact, I'd rather you not talk to me at all about this. I just wanted to get it out there. I do realize that I have always been this way and that it's not simply something I have picked up since being married.

Oh yes, an update on the previous post. At work yesterday, someone mentioned John Kenneth Galbraith (he had some connection with the Department of Labor). Normally, when his name is mentioned in my presence, all heads turn my way and those heads tilt, as if to ask, "Are you related to him?" But because of my new last name, sadly, I had no looks. I had no head tilts. Inside I was screaming, "No! I am not related to him, but thanks for asking!" It was really hard to not let out that scream.

Name Change

So I've been thinking about why I decided to change my name when I got married. Really, I don't think I really gave it much thought; I just did it. I'm not sad that I did, and it's nothing against my new last name, but I really miss my old one! That said, I'm actually not sure if I miss the last name or if I just miss the person I was when I had that last name.

Back then I traveled on whims, bought whatever I felt like whenever I felt like it, and was a cool, single person. But now, I'm this married girl who feels like she doesn't do anything cool. I'm just another Mormon wife whose name doesn't feel like it's hers. Sigh.

It's funny how much I feel like I have to justify my feelings by saying things like, "It's not about the new last name " or "I really do love being married." Why is that? Can't I just say "I want my old name back!"

Call for Comments

In an effort to allow the thousands, nay, millions of people who are reading my blog, I copied by bff's DH (that is, best friend forever's dear husband) and moved my blog to a place that allows everyone to comment on my unbelieveably insightful comments about the world in which we live. So now, let the commenting begin!