28 March 2008

Where to Begin?

Everett's now one week old. I know that some people, after bringing home new babies, say that they can't imagine their lives without the new addition. I am not one of those people. I can say, however, that it feels like he's been with us for far longer than just one week as so much as happened. So much so, that I don't even know where to start.

I could start with regaling you with stories of all the phone calls made to sisters, sisters-in-law, mothers, and mothers-in-law. Can you say that we're just a wee bit nervous about our new responsibility?

I could start with a story of what was possibly the worst 24 hours of my life: extreme episiotomy pain = visit to urgent care with the baby = more pain for me = Tylenol 3 with codeine = extremely lethargic baby = FREAKED out new parents = no more Tylenol 3 for me = sitting on a smelly donut-thingy. Then there's this: still-present jaundice = more lethargy in the baby = more freaked-outedness in the new parents. And then there's this: baby not having a bowel movement in more than 36 hours = call to stupid HMO = frustration over actually getting to talk to someone half-way intelligent about baby's health = trip to CVS for prune juice. These equalities happening at one time was enough to emotionally drain both Chuck and me.

I could also start with talking about the things that I want since bringing little Everett home. Of course I want sleep; that's a given for all new parents. But I want to be able to go to the bathroom without performing the eight steps it takes. I want to not feel inadequate about being little e's mom. I want to know how in the world I'm going to do all of this one my own when Chuck goes back to work. (I think I've changed six diapers TOTAL.)

Or I could simply start by trying to explain the feeling that Chuck and I get when we just look at that little guy. It's enough to make me cry, and Chuck, well, at least he gets close to tears. I could start with trying to explain how much we love this little guy even though we barely even know him. Or I could start by saying how it's all worth it.

Or I could just post pictures.

23 March 2008

Meet Mr. Mullet

And in a bold move, I give you...Everett Lane. He's two days old now, but we've yet to hear him talk to us. PHEW. And since we love his name so much, we haven't even called him Mr. Mullet once. Amazing. (I know in the past I have referred to myself as only "e" and my dear husband and only "c." However, since I do realize that when I comment on my own blog it discloses my name, I'm pretty much over the initialization.)

Of course we're in love with him. Of course we're wondering how the hospital really could let us leave with him.

Here's little Rhett holding C's hand.

The always-horrible post-birth shot. Argh. But he looks too good to not include it.

Another one with the wide-eyed boy.

The car ride home.

I LOVE this one. Chilling at home.

And the proud papa.

P.S. The weird intro used above was something C and I got to hear in a recent fast and testimony meeting when one testimony bearer concluded and then let the next person speak. Awesome.

19 March 2008

Where Did She Go?!

Even though the carpal tunnel in my left hand is killing me, the boredom is even worse. I can't sit still for long periods of time, can't type for long periods of time, can't lie down for long periods of time, and DC weather has been pretty dreary. What's a girl to do?!

Suffer through the pain and sew. I picked out a hat pattern from a book (Lotta Jansdotter's "Simple Sewing") that I wanted to try ever since I got the book. In the book the hat was sooo cute! I, however, got different results:

Hmm...long brim, anyone? Maybe, like the rest of my body, my face is just short. I'm still a little frustrated with the results and hopefully will be able to laugh soon.

17 March 2008

Thank Goodness for Fridays...

I almost could add nothing else to this post and be done, given the picture is exactly how I'm feeling.

Today I had my last pre-natal OB appointment. News was much better than that received last week: I'm starting to dilate and efface, and the doc could feel the baby's head, even if she did have to stick half her arm inside me to do so. If nothing more happens between now and 12:00 a.m. Friday morning (Thursday midnight), C and I will be heading to the hospital so that I can be induced. Induction is certainly not my preference, but neither is begin pregnant for longer than 41 weeks.

12 March 2008

Seeking Advice

Now that I'm all domesticated, I need some advice.

I hate mopping. My mom was a bucket and mop-that-required-squeezing woman. C's mom was a hands-and-knees woman. I am neither of these, as evidenced by the fact that our floors haven't been mopped in a too-embarrassing-to-admit amount of time. I'm intrigued by the Swiffer WetJet and wondered if anyone has any experience with it. Love it? Hate it? Have something better to suggest?

I'm also reconsidering my modus operandus for doing the by-hand dishes. I currently use a scrub brush that sits behind the faucet when not in use. But I just think there has to be something better out there. Again, any suggestions? I have only one sink, if that makes a difference.

Finally, if anyone knows methods for getting the feeling back in my left side, I'd be welcome to those suggestions as well. Especially if the suggestions don't tell me to just have the baby; believe me, I'm still working on that.

10 March 2008

Why I May Not Return Your Phone Calls for a While

I had a doctor's appointment today. The verdict? Nothing's happening. Cervix still closed. Baby still content to stay in utero. But the worst part? They won't consider an induction until the 24th. That's TWO WEEKS from today. TWO WEEKS. I'm still having a hard time accepting this and if I have to talk about it, I'll cry. You don't want that. So please don't be offended when I don't answer the phone (C's on constant phone duty as we don't have caller ID), don't return emails, or don't come to church. Believe me, you'll all know when something does happen.

You're only allowed to comment on this post as long you promise to say none of the following:
  • Don't worry; you're so close already! (Uh, after 39 weeks and two days, even five days seems too long.)
  • He could still come early! (I realize that, but don't believe it.)
  • He'll be here before you know it! (See the first bullet.)
  • He'll come when he's ready. (I'm not concerned about him at this point. He's fine; I'm not.)
  • Anything that sounds remotely like the previous bullets.
However, you may comment if you say things like, "Dude. That SUCKS."

P.S. And yes, these pictures of Bruno are recent. He developed some sort of rash in his nether region and in an attempt to save the $50 vet fee (plus any "necessary" meds), we thought we'd try the collar first. It seems to be working.

07 March 2008

Does This Happen Anywhere Else?

Picture it: I'm driving to the gym and I see a street corner filled with household items. And when I say household items, I mean mattresses, furniture...the works. I think:

a) Garage sale! Better call my mom.
b) Spring cleaning. Hmmm...wonder if they'd come do my house.
c) None of the above.

Definitely (c). Why? Because at least in my county of Maryland, this is what happens when tenants are evicted. After the lengthy period that it takes to actually evict someone, the cops are called and they manually remove all of the tenants' items, leaving the items in a big pile on the street.

Sometimes I want to feel bad for the tenants, but most of the time I don't. My aunt and uncle are very involved in real estate and I've heard horror stories about the things that tenants can do and Do do. It's amazing. Besides, it's not like eviction is an easy process for the landlords. It takes months. So the tenants are fully aware that this is going to happen to them.

Every time that I drive by these "garage sales," there are people going through the items. I'm never sure if these are the actual owners, or people who just want to "purchase" the junk. In fact, the only time I feel bad at all for these people is when I see kids going through the stuff.

I know this post is mostly ramblings, but these occurrences never cease to amaze me. I don't remember ever seeing this in Utah, but I never lived in such apartment-landia like I do now. Anyone else see this where they live?

P.S. I would have posted a picture of this but I've never had the courage to actually take a picture.

04 March 2008

Maternity Leave: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of my maternity leave. A girl could really get used to this. Especially if she wasn't 8.5 months pregnant and if a baby never came. Staying home and playing housewife is really fun.

What did I do? Of course, the paper must be read. It's so much more enjoyable reading it with breakfast (PopTarts, yum) than over lunch. Then I started cooking. I made some frog-eye salad and this yummy delicious chicken salad. Then I started the cleaning and got some dusting done as well as the bed stripped. I walked Bruno to the mailbox since the day was simply gorgeous (mid-60s and sunny). Then it was time for the doctor's appointment where, sadly, nothing has changed. Sigh. The worst part of the appointment was scheduling another appointment for after the due date. Double Sigh. After that, I took my car to be cleaned and then stopped at the grocery store. I got home, finished some cleaning, and stuck the roast in the oven (roast in the oven--wha???). Then it was time for some internetting. I even made some cookies that I froze so that when Mr. Mullet does finally come and I want some cookies, they'll be ready.

By the time this was done, it was time for C to come home from work. Greeting my husband as he walks in from work is a feeling I haven't had often, but I really like it. I feel like I should have been wearing some sort of half apron and bright red lipstick.

The best news is that I get to do it all over again. Today includes reading the paper, internetting, trip to the DMV, walking the dog, trip to the gym, more cleaning, then a baby shower given for me by the cute Young Women.

Like I said, I could really get used to this.