31 July 2008

A Peeping Tom Would be Sad

We had horizontal blinds in the bathroom window. However, they started getting mildewy as we have no bathroom fan. (There is also that small thing where I'm not dedicated to cleaning them.) As I am no exhibitionist (sorry), we still needed something to cover the window. When I saw these at Home Depot, I knew they'd be perfect. I'm trying to figure out where else I could put them.

29 July 2008

How About This?

Ignore the face and focus solely on the hair. Too short? Too young?

Not sure why I'm not happy. Although, I was turning an even-numbered age that day. That might have something to do with it.

27 July 2008

Only Because He Can

Given how mad he gets once he's on his stomach, we think he continues to roll over just because he can. And oh yes, he'll do this over and over and over and...

25 July 2008

Another Peek into Rhett's Room

Apparently the baby's room is the only one I care about decorating. It's really far more fun than any other room. Last weekend we put up the vinyl decals (click the picture to see them larger) and Wednesday night we got these pictures hung. The only remaining thing is figuring out how to treat the windows!

Oh yes, that new picture of Bruno? Apparently he likes to eat paint. Silly puggie.

21 July 2008

Another Reader Poll

Quick, grab your driver's license. If your height and weight are listed, how accurate are they? When it was issued, were the measurements accurate? In other words, did you lie on your official government document?!

My response:
My height is correct; I'm a girl so that could be expected.

But given that same gender, you can correctly infer that I lied about my weight. The license was issued right after Chuck and I were married and I moved back to Maryland. I had put on weight (eating lots of Pop Tarts while driving across the country will do that to a girl) and hadn't been running. So I lied and put down a number I wanted my weight to be. However, after getting back to running and ditching the Pop Tarts (but now that Kellogg's has introduced the low-fat cinnamon and brown sugar maybe I can splurge once in a while), I dropped to about five pounds below my license weight! So then I was saddened that I hadn't lied more. Right now with the still-carried baby weight, the license weight is spot on.

This post inspired by
this Post article.

17 July 2008

I'm Nearly Ariel

My hair is approaching mermaid length. What is mermaid length, you ask? You know, the length at which I could go topless and still be rated PG-13. Lucky for most of you, the following picture is the G-rated version. Sadly for those looking for soft porn, the following picture is the G-rated version. (Thanks go to Angie for introducing this vocabulary term to me. I do loves it so. Now everyone else use it once in a sentence today.)

Problem is: I hate it. Six days of seven it's in a pony tail. To spice up that pony tail, I may or may not put a braid in it. And if I'm feeling really saucy, I might add a headband. I think you see the problem.

I thought, "Hey, if it's this long, why not donate it to Locks of Love?" Turns out that they don't accept highlighted hair. Cross off that, I guess. But leaving it as is is definitely out of the question. The longer it gets, the heavier it gets, and the heavier it gets, well, the more I look like a blonde Mortitia. It's bad. It's flat and lifeless. Blah.

But now what? Anyone who knows me well knows how much I detest doing my hair. I usually say that I hate showering. Turns out that I don't hate the act of showering by itself, rather, I hate all the stuff that follows the shower. Especially the hair part. So it gets ignored.

Anyone have any ideas? How short do you think my face can take? What about a body wave perm? Anyone have experience with this? Remember that it's me you're talking to. This means almost no product and no implements other than a round brush and a hair dryer. Do I even have any options? Where is Nick Arrojo when I need him???

P.S. Holy crap! Did anyone else see that to get a haircut from Nick is a cool $500??

13 July 2008

I Had to Hula Hoop in Directions I've Never Hula Hooped Before!

If I did a "Quote of the Week" like my sister does, or a "Things People Say" like Camie does, then the above quote would make it for sure.

We're definitely enjoying the Wii Fit. Thanks Mom and Dad for the early birthday present. We may not be any lighter when we see you next, but at least we're having fun!

08 July 2008

815 Emails Later...

I was actually surprised that my inbox didn't have more. I mean, I was out for almost four months. I guess I'm just not that popular.

However, I don't feel nearly as bad as I thought I would (or should) feel. I guess that's just confirmation that I'm doing this for the right reasons. (That shouldn't imply that those who do feel bad are doing it for the wrong reasons. Maybe there just is something wrong with me.) But because of these two ten-hour days we have a house. We can continue to save for Rhett's college education. We can save for retirement. None of these things was possible on Chuck's salary alone.

Don't let me fool you however. I looked at this picture about 30 times today. Wouldn't you?

04 July 2008

I Told You I Was Feeling Green...

Another peek into the house.

I finished these cafe curtains for the kitchen when the tension rods finally arrived yesterday. (This picture doesn't show the second window.)

And the interesting branch above the cutout? I think it's one of those things you either love or hate. Obviously, I'm feeling the love.

Kitchen Cafe Curtains

01 July 2008

Dining Room Curtains

Feeling a Little Green

I always get nervous when I post pictures of my house because I have a friend (cough, cough Camie) who is an interior designer and she makes me feel self-conscious about my decorating decisions. Not because she's like that; rather, I am.

But with a baby who is finally learning to take good naps (he's got 90 minutes already into this one!), I'm finally able to start getting some stuff done. Hallelujah. Just in time for me to go back to work...sigh.

Anyway, here's the handiwork of the weekend, when we should have been writing sacrament talks instead. The top color looks a little brighter than it is in real life, but it's pretty close. We're super pleased. We just hope Rhett is too. It is his room after all.

And during yesterday's morning nap, I was able to finish
these. I am in LOVE with them and walk by them at least 40 times a day.

I am waiting for the rest of the hardware to arrive so that I can finish my cafe curtains for the two windows in the kitchen.

Viva la nap time!