21 July 2008

Another Reader Poll

Quick, grab your driver's license. If your height and weight are listed, how accurate are they? When it was issued, were the measurements accurate? In other words, did you lie on your official government document?!

My response:
My height is correct; I'm a girl so that could be expected.

But given that same gender, you can correctly infer that I lied about my weight. The license was issued right after Chuck and I were married and I moved back to Maryland. I had put on weight (eating lots of Pop Tarts while driving across the country will do that to a girl) and hadn't been running. So I lied and put down a number I wanted my weight to be. However, after getting back to running and ditching the Pop Tarts (but now that Kellogg's has introduced the low-fat cinnamon and brown sugar maybe I can splurge once in a while), I dropped to about five pounds below my license weight! So then I was saddened that I hadn't lied more. Right now with the still-carried baby weight, the license weight is spot on.

This post inspired by
this Post article.


Melissa said...

Great post.

I rounded up a quarter inch on my height.

I'm probably 5 lbs heavier than the weight listed. A month ago, it would have been accurate. Those summer barbecues are killing me.

emily said...

i rounded up on my height, when technically i should round down. but i don't think anyone would blame me.

my weight is pretty accurate, i think. we don't have an accurate scale at home, but i am pretty sure i am within a few pounds of my stated weight.

Gretchen said...

Wow! I never realized i was SUCH a liar-face. Those numbers are seriously off base.

D & A said...

i also had to round up on height as 3/4 of an inch was not an option. i don't have a scale in my house because if i did, i would stop eating all together so i just go by if i can button up my pants or not. i'm sure the weight listed is off but i don't want to find out!

Sandra said...

You always have such a great posts. I had an awful time at the MVA when I went to get my license; they were so rude and incompetent... they were lucky to get my real name.

holly said...

my height is right on. my MD license I gave my pre-preg weight. when we got to Cali, I faced reality and gave my current weight minus 5 lbs. sigh.