29 May 2008

Polling All Utah Runners

For those of you who run, have you ever run this race in Utah? Chuck and I will be in Utah over the weekend of August 9th and would like to run a race with my sister. Basically our choices are this one and the Provo River Half; we're just too elite for 5k races. (Please tell me that you sense the sarcasm in that previous statement.) Given Chuck's acute mountain sickness the last time we ran the Half, we thought we'd stay away from it. (Riiight, that sounds good. It couldn't be that we're just not up for training for a half, could it?!) Or if you know of any other races going on that weekend, let me know.

And if any of you Utahans would like to join us, let me know that too. We could wear matching shirts or something.

I'll leave you with this picture of me running from last Spring. It was my best 10K time ever (50:49). I doubt I'll ever beat it.

26 May 2008

Further Expounding on Motherhood

(Please excuse the poor writing as of late. I used to compose posts as I fell asleep; but as of, well, the last nine weeks or so, I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Therefore, the quality of the writing has shown why I chose a mathematical career instead of one that is writing-based.)

I've been thinking about the recent post in which I admit that I don't yet love being a mom, and may in fact never love it. But here's the big realization: I think that this is might be okay. Please remember: my saying that I don't love being a mom in no way implies that I do not love Rhett. I love him more than I could have imagined. Sometimes it still makes me cry how much I do actually love him.

I guess it's like serving a mission. I can't expect that everyone who goes on a mission will love every second of the door knocking, incessant walking, language learning, and all the other not-so-fun-stuff. Two of my best girlfriends (ahem, yes
g and r, I'm talking about you girls), will definitely attest to this. However, as long as they did the best they could, what more could you, or anyone, ask?

That's how I'm approaching this motherhood thing. I love my baby. I want nothing more than his total happiness, mingled with good health. And I'll do everything in my power to make those things come true for him, even if I don't love every second of it. Maybe this smile means I'm doing okay so far.

Or maybe it just means Chuck's tongue is really that funny.

20 May 2008

It's Official

We did it. We bought a house. A real house...one with four walls and a driveway. It still doesn't feel real, and might not until we're actually settled and paying that first mortgage payment. How did it happen you ask? Too bad, because I'm not going to tell you. Honestly, it's just too long of a story. So the long story short is that we close on June 5th.

About the house: it has three bedrooms, two full baths, a family room, a kitchen, a dining room, laundry room, tons of storage, and a small extra room off the kitchen that will be a play room. The inspection was yesterday, and the house got an A+. There are a couple of small things that we need to do, but feel confident that we'll be in it by mid-June.

Oh right, in order to afford this house, I'll have to work. However, I quite possibly have the best boss ever and he's agreed to letting me do two ten-hour days. And what will Rhett do during those days? Chuck's Aunt Mary will watch him. How awesome is that?!

Sometimes it's just amazing how things fall in place.

17 May 2008

My Brother is Crazy

Most of you have never met my brother, Derek, before. He's lived in Alaska for a long time and rarely makes it down to the lower 48. But if you have nine minutes to spare, take a look at how he spends his winters.

13 May 2008

You Know You Should Start Caring Again When...

you're in Payless Shoes and the little five-year boy trying on shoes next to you (yes, even through pregnancy my feet retained their size 4) has to ask his dad, "Dad, what is that? A boy or a girl?" Now, if he was asking about Rhett I wouldn't be shocked; bald babies are gender neutral. But no, he was inquiring about my gender. I guess I should start wearing make up again.

06 May 2008

God Speed, Young Brother

After passing the six-week mark, I finally felt comfortable taking Everett into public. The first public place (notwithstanding the accidental stop at a KFC) was dinner with my parents and Chuck's parents. The baby did great (read: he slept the entire time). In fact, he did so well, we took him out again Monday night. Another success.

But the biggest outing success for little Rhett was his blessing on Sunday. I was a little nervous as he was awake going into sacrament meeting. We stuck a pacifier in his mug and hoped for the best. Not only did he not make a single noise, but he did it sans pacifier: Chuck made an amazing catch mid-blessing. We left church after sacrament meeting and had a barbecue at Chuck's parents' house. The weather cooperated and we had a great day. Everyone was so eager to hold the baby, I almost forgot I had one!

P.S. About the post title: a man in our ward recorded Rhett's blessing for us. At the end of it, he included a little note to Rhett. He ended it with, "God speed, young brother" and it's made me smile ever since.

P.P.S. Life has been wicked crazy around here lately. Please excuse me as I don't blog.