29 May 2008

Polling All Utah Runners

For those of you who run, have you ever run this race in Utah? Chuck and I will be in Utah over the weekend of August 9th and would like to run a race with my sister. Basically our choices are this one and the Provo River Half; we're just too elite for 5k races. (Please tell me that you sense the sarcasm in that previous statement.) Given Chuck's acute mountain sickness the last time we ran the Half, we thought we'd stay away from it. (Riiight, that sounds good. It couldn't be that we're just not up for training for a half, could it?!) Or if you know of any other races going on that weekend, let me know.

And if any of you Utahans would like to join us, let me know that too. We could wear matching shirts or something.

I'll leave you with this picture of me running from last Spring. It was my best 10K time ever (50:49). I doubt I'll ever beat it.


Living in Tally said...

I'm impressed you want to run an
8K after just having had a baby. I ran a 5k when the twins were 7 and a half months and I thought that was accomplishing tons...I bet you'll get to that 10k time before you know it.

Camie said...

That picture is awesome.

emily said...

yeah, the picture is awesome.

if you run as fast as you did that 10K i guess i won't be running with you - i'll be behind ya.

i'm up for anything!

Galby said...

I have no idea about the upcoming races..but good luck! I'm also impressed you're taking up one so quickly, that's awesome!

Niederfam said...

NICE.....I wish I knew more to help you, but PLEASE say we can schedule a play date sometime, I'd LOVE to meet up with you two while you are around!!! And, if you weren't so "elite" I'd dare say I'd run a 5K with you, in matching shirts!!! :) GOOD LUCK.

Sandra said...

Allan and I are running a 10K this Saturday. We've never done this and we're not ready for it at all. Oh well! We have to start somewhere.