02 June 2008

Rhett's Milestones

This video was taken at 10 weeks old (last Friday). And although he didn't start talking when he was two days old, we still think he's pretty advanced. We're quite proud of our little man; probably a bit too proud, to be honest. We do realize, however, that this could be all the action we see for the next six months.


Living in Tally said...

Okay, I love Chucks reaction! We have been that way with every little one. Way to go Rhett! By the way--you should hear Ali try and say Rhett, it is awesome :)

chucklas said...

That was even the reaction on the third time he made it over. I was way more animated the first time.

Does she say it like Whet? Thats how I would imagine it.

Pendletons said...

Wow, I'm very impressed!! Quite the amazing trick at only 10 weeks! He'll be talking and walking in no time ;)

emily said...

while i am quite impressed with rhett, i am also impressed that you got it on camera. wow.

he didn't really seem to enjoy the whole process of rolling over, though.

looks like he'll follow after his folks' smarty-pants genes.

Niederfam said...


Katrina said...

How cute! As a proud parent myself, just know that he is amazing! Be grateful he's not talking...when he does he'll say things that embarass you so bad you'll wish he couldn't!

Glenda said...

It's my first visit to your blog, BTW. Very nice!

What a sweet baby! How have we not been bombarded by baby pix by your folks? Grandpa & Grandma are falling down on the job :-)!!

Babies are even more fun than dogs, huh! But alas, they require much more love, patience, money & eventually, college education. But oh, well. We'd do it all again! Just can't seem to get ours to reproduce! (Well, we DO want marriage first. . .but no hurry, they're Galbraiths.)

Anyway, have fun with Rhett! He's DARLING!