27 December 2008

Made for Christmas

Here are the gifts that I made this year.

A dress for my niece:
Skirt for another niece:

Books for two nephews:

Blocks for a near-nephew:
Bag for another niece:
Dolls for niece and near-niece:

23 December 2008

Three Strikes...You're In!

I used to have three rules for outdoor Christmas lights:
  • Thou shalt not mix multi-colored strands of lights with solid strands.
  • Thou shalt not mix solid strands with blinking strands.
  • Thou shalt not mix big bulbs with small bulbs.
But recently I have to admit that I'm throwing those rules out the window. And the one new rule that's replacing it? The tackier, the better. I am fully embracing it and love every house that is doing the same.

For me and my house, well, I'm still going to stay with my rules. But please, no one else do the same.  Because if you did, then we wouldn't have beauties like this:

21 December 2008

Nine Months In, Nine Months Out

Today Rhett turns nine months old. It's just crazy to think that he's (almost) been out of my belly as long as he was in it (technically he was 41 weeks in). I gotta say, it's much better having him out than in. At least most days it is.

And thanks to this most recent illness (food poisoning perhaps?), I am quite possibly right at my pre-pregnancy weight. That's been nine months on, nine months off. Sigh.

19 December 2008

Happy Birthday Bruno!

Bruno turns three years old today. Blow out a candle for him, even if he does have a touch of the cannibalism.

And if I wasn't so gosh darned sick, I'd make him a special cake like my sister did for her dog's birthday.  Bruno will have to settle for ham.

16 December 2008

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

I almost don't know what to say, so this will be short. Nine days ago I met with the Bishop. Three days ago I put on the ward Christmas activity (no small event, mind you). Fifty hours ago I was released from my calling of six months. And 49 hours and 58 minutes ago I was sustained to a new one. Young Women's President. President. I'm shocked. I'm humbled. I'm scared to death. Excuse me while I puke.

15 December 2008

Made for Monday

Table Runner
I'm not pleased at all with this. It looks great from far away, but not close up. If you come to my house for dinner, it won't be on the table.

Car Seat Strap Covers
I am, however, very pleased with these. Without them, the straps were cutting into Rhett's neck. But now, well, they're not. From the tutorial posted
here. (Note: After successfully printing the tutorial once, I have not been successful getting it to load again. Maybe you'll be luckier than I.)

12 December 2008

Redefining Christmas Gifts

Here's my latest AHA! moment into my own soul.  Isn't it fun getting to know yourself?!

Last year Chuck and I were in Utah for the holidays, so we decided that we should open all of our gifts before we go. We didn't need to haul them on a plane just to haul them back. So on the eve of Christmas Eve we went to dinner (Continental Pizza and Subs for Chuck's pepperoni pizza and my chicken souvlaki), went to the temple to see the lights, and then went home to open the presents. It was supposed to be this great wonderful beautiful night. And it was...until we opened gifts.

So here's what I learned: I really like giving gifts. That is, I like giving gifts when I feel the gift is really something that the receiver will like. For example, I was pretty excited to give my mom her Christmas present last year. She wanted an apron so I found a great pattern and fabric and was really pleased with how it turned out. This year for my nephews Miles and Jonas, I am also really excited about what I made for them.  Hopefully they'll like it too.  And Emmy and Ziggy have pretty fun gifts coming their ways as well...again, hopefully.

But here's the rub. When I am stymied about what to give, I refuse to just buy "something." R and I have a great gift-giving relationship this way. If we see something we know the other will love, we buy it. But if not, it's NO BIG DEAL. So as much as I don't want to buy just "something," I really really really don't want to be given just "something." In fact, just getting "something" is really distressing to me. Some (cough cough, Chuck) might say it's tear-inducing.

I'm still not exactly sure why this is, however. Although I think it boils down to one of my least favorite feelings: disappointment.  Maybe I'm disappointed because that person doesn't know me well enough to know what I want? Maybe I'm disappointed at the money and materials wasted in the giving of this gift? Maybe because it's just another thing I'll have to have in my house until I feel okay enough to freecycle it? Probably all of the above. Whatever the reason, it's still upsetting.

Here is our solution: As far as gifts from others, I know I can't control that. I'll have to be better at being grateful and in turn, better at re-gifting. But for the couple-gift-exchange dilemma, instead of giving each other "something," we're going to give each other our time. (Cue the "awwww...") That is, each Christmas, we'll plan an activity (e.g., seeing a show, splurging on a nice dinner, going to some sporting event, sky diving) and use the money we would have spent on gifts to do it. Rhett and Bruno will get gifts, of course, but for each other, we just want to spend time together. I can't wait to decide what we get to do!

10 December 2008

Self Promoting at Its Worst

Two things:

First, check out what's been happening over at the Foodees. Emily and I are hosting a raffle and WOW! has it been successful! People are posting such amazing (and yummy) things. Em and I can barely keep up. The final day of the contest is Monday and we'll announce a winner on Tuesday. Check back to see who takes home the grand prize! (And no, sorry, it won't be a leg lamp, but it might be a bowling alley.)

Second, just in time for Christmas I've relisted everything at my Etsy shop. You know you want it all.

07 December 2008

But He's Just So Cuddly

Remember when I wanted to know if it was wrong to love your kids more when they were sleeping?  How about this one: is it wrong to not hate it when they're sick (just slight-fever-sick, not serious-trouble-sick) because suddenly they want to cuddle with you?  I hope not.

04 December 2008

Your Answers Made Me Go Hmmm...

Here's what I have to say in response to what you had to say to what I had to ask:

1. I thought turban-wrapping your hair was something everyone knew, you know, like how to make a rootbeer float. But apparently, if your hair is boy-short and you never have to use the turban wrap, then you don't know how to actually do it. This was news to me.

2. Other than my friend Angie, everyone calls them Nilla. But I'm with her: they're vanilla wafers. You guys are all crazy.

3. I asked this question incorrectly. Before you read any further, what would you call this?
To me, this is a truck. To Chuck, this is a "pick-up" and the semi-truck is a "truck." Wrong wrong wrong. This is a truck and the big beautiful Werner machine is a semi.

4. This came about after a thread in an online Washington Post chat. The moderator wrote that women generally use 2-3 sheets; of course I was flummoxed as I'd never used that few. But you guys really put me to shame; I use about 8-10. I'll try to reduce.

5. I thought that since 1% milk has 1% milkfat and 2% milk has 2% milkfat, well, then whole milk should be 100%. I honestly believed this. But the right answer is 4%. So the next time someone asks for your whole attention, you only have to listen to every 25th word. Sweet.

01 December 2008

Made for Monday

The stockings I finished just in time...

I know they're a bit homespun, but I like them.  And don't worry, I didn't forget Bruno!