24 November 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Here are some thing I've been pondering this week:

1) If you are a guy, do you know how to turban-wrap your hair after a shower?

2) Do you call these "nilla wafers" or "vanilla wafers"?
3) Is this a "truck" or a "semi"? (Werner is my favorite company, by the way. I think their colors are beautiful, in a marketing way, of course.)
4) On average, how many squares of toilet paper would you say you use to go number one?

5) If 1% milk is milk with 1% milkfat, what % milkfat is whole milk?

Answers to come...


Meg said...

1) doubtful
2) Nilla
3) Semi -truck
4) Depends on the thickness
5) Don't want to know

p.S. the tongue picture - super gross!

emily said...

1. at first i thought yes, but then i tried to imagine ben doing. i now say NO.

2. nilla

3. truck

4. 4-5

5. i know this one, but won't spoil it for those who don't

Melissa said...

1. yes, if he's seen "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
2. nilla wafters
3. semi (unless I'm at work, then it's a tractor-trailer, per AP)
4. 2 ply? Four.
5. pi

chucklas said...

1) not a chance
2) probally nilla
3) Truck
4) none
5) I don't know why people don't know this, but 4%.

Gretchen said...

1) They might know ... but I doubt its considered acceptable to do it.
2) Nilla
3) Semi
4) Not sure, But I'd guess 6.
5) Thinking about this kinda makes me gag. Probably around 5%. (PS, I answered this without looking at Chucklas' comment. Grrreeeat Guess Gretchen!)