28 November 2008

The First Thanksgiving

I'm pretty sure most people can guess the things for which Chuck and I are grateful this year.

Topping the list is our healthy baby. It amazes me that I can still think about how much I love him and start to cry. I wonder how old he gets before this goes away. (A corollary to this is health insurance. Even though I complained a lot about my Kaiser doctors, fact is, Rhett cost us $5.)

Next on the list is our home. We love our house and it is perfect for us. I feel so happy to not regret this decision.

Then probably come the recession-proof, government jobs that we both have that enable us to own the home.

And for me? I'm grateful for the freezer. It might be my favorite thing in the house.

Bruno? Having TWO eyes.

Chuck? He's also grateful for Bruno's two eyes.

Everett? He's grateful for his girlfriend, the TV.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

P.S. About the top picture: you might wonder what is all over Rhett's sweater: blood. He was playing with an empty soda can and must have cut his tongue. We were on a walk with him in the carrier and didn't even notice. It was pretty sad. Way to make memories, baby.

P.P.S. That's my friend Camie in that first picture.  We sure like her.


emily said...

i'm thankful you have all that stuff, too!

that boy is sooooo cute. even with blood all over him. so sad. :(

Camie said...

Oh, I like you guys too. It was so fun to spend Thanksgiving with you. The food was delicious, especially the sweet potatoes.

chucklas said...

Yeah, the blood, that was my fault. The empty can was entertaining for him up until he licked the rim. Then again, he didn't get mad until we took the can away!