04 December 2008

Your Answers Made Me Go Hmmm...

Here's what I have to say in response to what you had to say to what I had to ask:

1. I thought turban-wrapping your hair was something everyone knew, you know, like how to make a rootbeer float. But apparently, if your hair is boy-short and you never have to use the turban wrap, then you don't know how to actually do it. This was news to me.

2. Other than my friend Angie, everyone calls them Nilla. But I'm with her: they're vanilla wafers. You guys are all crazy.

3. I asked this question incorrectly. Before you read any further, what would you call this?
To me, this is a truck. To Chuck, this is a "pick-up" and the semi-truck is a "truck." Wrong wrong wrong. This is a truck and the big beautiful Werner machine is a semi.

4. This came about after a thread in an online Washington Post chat. The moderator wrote that women generally use 2-3 sheets; of course I was flummoxed as I'd never used that few. But you guys really put me to shame; I use about 8-10. I'll try to reduce.

5. I thought that since 1% milk has 1% milkfat and 2% milk has 2% milkfat, well, then whole milk should be 100%. I honestly believed this. But the right answer is 4%. So the next time someone asks for your whole attention, you only have to listen to every 25th word. Sweet.


Todd said...

Erin, Nilla Wafers are Nabisco brand, Vanilla Wafers are Keebler brand. Hope that solves it for you. :) From now on you can just buy the brand that says "Vanilla" on the front.

erinmalia said...

i never even noticed that! now i'll have to google keebler and see if the box looks familiar. i'm sure i make keebler happy by using their name, but then sad because i'm not using their product.

thanks for clearing it up, todd!

chucklas said...

Could you imagine 100% fat...I don't see how that could even be liquid. I get not knowing 4%, but 100%? I guess whole milk means the amount of fat the milk had when it left the cow...maybe not, but perhaps thats why it is called that.

Living in Tally said...

I have to agree with C. The thought of 100% made me smile.

Meg said...

I love the excuse now that if I'm accused of not listening 100% I can really come back and say all I need to be listening is 4% to make it whole. That could be a good one to use to get out of a lot of sticky situations.