04 March 2008

Maternity Leave: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of my maternity leave. A girl could really get used to this. Especially if she wasn't 8.5 months pregnant and if a baby never came. Staying home and playing housewife is really fun.

What did I do? Of course, the paper must be read. It's so much more enjoyable reading it with breakfast (PopTarts, yum) than over lunch. Then I started cooking. I made some frog-eye salad and this yummy delicious chicken salad. Then I started the cleaning and got some dusting done as well as the bed stripped. I walked Bruno to the mailbox since the day was simply gorgeous (mid-60s and sunny). Then it was time for the doctor's appointment where, sadly, nothing has changed. Sigh. The worst part of the appointment was scheduling another appointment for after the due date. Double Sigh. After that, I took my car to be cleaned and then stopped at the grocery store. I got home, finished some cleaning, and stuck the roast in the oven (roast in the oven--wha???). Then it was time for some internetting. I even made some cookies that I froze so that when Mr. Mullet does finally come and I want some cookies, they'll be ready.

By the time this was done, it was time for C to come home from work. Greeting my husband as he walks in from work is a feeling I haven't had often, but I really like it. I feel like I should have been wearing some sort of half apron and bright red lipstick.

The best news is that I get to do it all over again. Today includes reading the paper, internetting, trip to the DMV, walking the dog, trip to the gym, more cleaning, then a baby shower given for me by the cute Young Women.

Like I said, I could really get used to this.


Tamara said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I think that you need to add a little pampering to your day...getting nails done, a massage, the works:)

erin said...

oh don't worry tamara...i wasted no time on the pampering. friday night c and i went to dinner and saturday i got a hair cut and a pedicure. if he doesn't come soon, i might have to do those things again!

emily said...

i'm so glad you get to do all this stuff. how fun. with miles i worked basically up to the end - but now wish i hadn't. but whatever, i'll live it through you. continue to have fun, productive days! and don't worry, i won't say "because you won't once the baby come." because YOU WILL.

d&a said...

that pic of bruno is great! is it old or does he have a new ailment? funny poochie...

Megan said...

How fun for you. I wish I could do that now.
Don't worry if you haven't changed any at your doctors appointments. It doesn't mean a thing. You could not be dialated at all and have him the same day, or be at a 3 and not have him for 3 weeks. Just know he'll come when he's suppose to and you will DEFINITELY know when it's time. If you have to be induced, that has a ton of advantages too - no guess work and you're nice and situated at the hospital.
Remember, enjoy the experience. It is so amazing. I'm almost jealous and that's saying something being only 5 weeks out and it all still very fresh in my mind as well as a good amount of sleep deprivation to go with it.
Fun times ahead!! Good luck!