12 March 2008

Seeking Advice

Now that I'm all domesticated, I need some advice.

I hate mopping. My mom was a bucket and mop-that-required-squeezing woman. C's mom was a hands-and-knees woman. I am neither of these, as evidenced by the fact that our floors haven't been mopped in a too-embarrassing-to-admit amount of time. I'm intrigued by the Swiffer WetJet and wondered if anyone has any experience with it. Love it? Hate it? Have something better to suggest?

I'm also reconsidering my modus operandus for doing the by-hand dishes. I currently use a scrub brush that sits behind the faucet when not in use. But I just think there has to be something better out there. Again, any suggestions? I have only one sink, if that makes a difference.

Finally, if anyone knows methods for getting the feeling back in my left side, I'd be welcome to those suggestions as well. Especially if the suggestions don't tell me to just have the baby; believe me, I'm still working on that.


Living in Tally said...

if you have linoleum, and you hate mopping, swiffer is okay to go, and works well. some friends i know complain about residue, but they have wood floors. i just mopped last night, actually, and I use a mop and bucket, but a mop with a wringer so I don't have to touch the wet nasty stuff.

you always do dishes by hand? impressive. no suggestions there though.

on the left side, no clue, but maybe you will just go numb soon and you won't feel any more pain and that could be good, right?

Ruth & Ryan said...

For numbness and for sanity I would suggest you book yourself a pregnancy massage. It will help a ton!

Dishes by hand...I can't stand dishes and have no suggestions.

I love Swiffers of all kinds. I did use the wetjet for awhile and even the little vacuum one for awhile but have gone back to the original with wet or dry rags. I think they work well. I had both linoleum and pergo for awhile. I really like the outdoor fresh scent. It doesn't really feel like your mopping as such and it is fast and easy. Believe me, when this kiddo gets here and when he starts eating solids your main goal will be quick and easy clean ups. I say go for it.

Hip Mama Crafts said...

I LOVE Swiffer WetJet! But be sure to use the linoleum or wood spray depending on what you have!

emily said...

we must be sisters or something. i am where you stand exactly: too embarrased to say how long it's been since i've mopped, thinking about the swiffer, and wanting something different than a srub-brush sitting on my faucet. ha.

so no suggestions from me, but i'm glad to read what others are writing.

do you sleep on your right or left side? you could change whichever side you sleep on and see if that helps?

Camie said...

I feel like the swiffer cleans up the floor, but doesn't really clean the floor. If that makes any sense. On a side note, I like that Bruno now has a place to rest his tongue. I always felt so bad when it was dragging on the ground.

Daniel said...

I'm glad to see there are other swiffer wet-jet fans out there, because I can't say enough good things about it. I just happen to have a child who still eats things off the floor and I sit and watch in confidence! Its was a good buy for us. To tell you the truth, the wet-jet is so easy that mopping can even sometimes be fun. Don't tell anyone I told you that!

Niederfam said...

YAY!!! Swiffer wet jet it is!!! Indeed, I'm with Daniel, but don't tell anyone I said that either :)

Tamara said...

I use the Mr Clean erasures to clean everything.

itsmeemily said...

I feel weird that I have had experience in this dept. but I do, so I thought I would share. I do not like the swiffer wet jet. In theory it is a great idea, but didnt work that great. You still needed to get down on hands and knees sometimes. I like those mops that are just a sponge attached to the end and where yes, you still do need a bucket of suds. I have found that works best for me.