18 July 2006

WBMTHM, episode 1

One crazy thing about being married is, of course, how much you learn about your spouse. But to me, the crazier thing, is how much I have learned about myself. Of course this topic needs way more than just one post. So this will be the first of my "What Being Married Has Taught Me" (WBMHTM) series. Enjoy.

Episode 1 of WBMHTM: I have learned that I am NOT low-maintenance, nor am I easy going. For those of you who know me well, please please please do not say, "You're just learning this?" In fact, I'd rather you not talk to me at all about this. I just wanted to get it out there. I do realize that I have always been this way and that it's not simply something I have picked up since being married.

Oh yes, an update on the previous post. At work yesterday, someone mentioned John Kenneth Galbraith (he had some connection with the Department of Labor). Normally, when his name is mentioned in my presence, all heads turn my way and those heads tilt, as if to ask, "Are you related to him?" But because of my new last name, sadly, I had no looks. I had no head tilts. Inside I was screaming, "No! I am not related to him, but thanks for asking!" It was really hard to not let out that scream.

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