18 July 2006

Name Change

So I've been thinking about why I decided to change my name when I got married. Really, I don't think I really gave it much thought; I just did it. I'm not sad that I did, and it's nothing against my new last name, but I really miss my old one! That said, I'm actually not sure if I miss the last name or if I just miss the person I was when I had that last name.

Back then I traveled on whims, bought whatever I felt like whenever I felt like it, and was a cool, single person. But now, I'm this married girl who feels like she doesn't do anything cool. I'm just another Mormon wife whose name doesn't feel like it's hers. Sigh.

It's funny how much I feel like I have to justify my feelings by saying things like, "It's not about the new last name " or "I really do love being married." Why is that? Can't I just say "I want my old name back!"

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