25 July 2006

Ten (or more) Things I Hate About Maryland

Now the easy part...

  1. Weather. The summer is muggy and gross, and the winter is cold for no reason (that is, not enough snow).
  2. Traffic.
  3. The metro. Sure, it's convenient (sometimes) and it gets me where I need to go (sometimes), but honestly, it's a disaster.
  4. Running races. Sure, they're something I love, but do all the good ones have to be held on Sundays?!? (Although when I think about it, they would get me out of church every so often...)
  5. Weather. Humidity is simply miserable.
  6. Shopping. Grocery shopping isn't fun because it's expensive, and there's no Super Target. And clothing shopping isn't fun because nothing is modest.
  7. Traffic. It's so bad it's worth mentioning twice.
  8. My paperboy. He's the worst paperboy ever. I realize that this isn't really Maryland's fault, but he's from Maryland so it counts.
  9. Customer service. It simply doesn't exist in Maryland.
  10. Weather. It's really bad here, so it definitely deserves to be on here three times.

This was actually harder than I thought it would be. So I guess that's good!


A said...

What about the fact that you guys have to pay a ton of money to live in ghetto? Or maybe the point that everybody in Maryland is miserable, and seems to be way rude to everyone else.
But I think that the traffic definitely deserved two more ticks.

erin said...

So true. We do pay a LOT of money to live in a place where I have to use a Club and where police routinely patrol the area and where we had a car broken into!

Todd said...

Come to the midwest! It removes everything off your list except weather, which is maybe worse here because it's just as hot and way too cold, even if there is snow...

Rachael said...

How about lack of skaters? Or, lack of fun camping?

erin said...

todd, the midwest? are you kidding? what would i do there?! ha. and seeing as though the weather is about the worst part of MD, i think i'll stay here. and yes, rach, the lack of skaters, hippies, and most alternative lifestyles is really depressing. why do you think i love banff so much?!