25 July 2006

Ten Things I Love About Maryland

I bet you didn't think that I could come up with ten, did you? Well, we'll see how I do.
  1. Fireflies. These are the coolest little insects and just seem so magical.
  2. Street lights at intersections that "turn off" during the late-night hours. Even though I'm not often out driving at these times, I sure do appreciate it when I am.
  3. Snow days. Even if they don't happen often enough for my tastes.
  4. Eastern market. The BEST french toast that I've had yet.
  5. Great Falls. This place truly reminds me that with the exception of the Colorado and possibly the Green, no river in Utah deserves the moniker "river," only "creek."
  6. The long run of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Only in DC can I go to Banff six nights in a row.
  7. Running races. DC always has an interesting race for me to do.

Uhh, that's all I got. Not that bad. But since I've been positive about Maryland, I think it's only fair that I'm allowed to post the worst of Maryland next time.


A said...

7 out of 10 isn't too bad. I love the street-lights that turn off. Whenever we drive up there, we ususally don't arrive until very late, and I love breezing up Connecticut to your place.

erin said...

I forgot to add that I love the Washington Post.