20 July 2006

A ragman...

I found this website (http://wordsmith.org/anagram/) that creates anagrams given any string of letters. This can be very useful if one would like to cheat while playing Scrabble, but it can also be very fun just to see what your name (or anything else) can be if the letters are stirred.

What did I find? Well, one anagram of my full name is "A lamebrain Hindu," which I suppose I am, seeing as though I'm not one. Another interesting anagram is "Hide, urban animal!" Wow. That is seriously deep. Have I come so far in my east-coast-ness that I could be considered an "urban animal?" And if so, from what should I be hiding?? Thank goodness it's not a Monday. I'm not sure I could have taken this news on a Monday.

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