18 July 2006

Things I've Told Myself

This morning I was thinking about the lies that I have told myself so many times, that now I actually believe them. Well, I guess technically they're not "lies;" they're simply un-verified truths. For example, I really believe that if you're driving in a small town and you see a restaurant with a red, plastic "Coca-Cola" sign (I know you can picture it) out front, then that restaurant will serve good food. Why do I believe this?! I have NO idea, but I do.

I also believe that most traffic jams that are not caused by accidents are caused by one idiot who stepped on his/her brakes, thereby causing the driver behind him/her to step on theirs, and so on. I really have zero evidence that this is true, but it is definitely something that I would pass on to others as truth.

In recognizing that I have perpetuated these un-verified truths, I wonder how often others have told me un-verified truths?!

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Todd said...

Erin! Just saw your blog! Keep up the interesting posts!