21 September 2007

Flashback: A Wedding Shower

Last weekend I attended a baby shower. It brought to mind a shower that I actually never attended, but for which I have a great story.

my sister had her bridal shower five years ago, I was living in Maryland and therefore unable to attend the shower. Knowing that many women from my mom's ward would be there to give her all the "necessary" items (i.e., hand towels, sheets, mixing bowls), I wanted to make sure that I gave her something "unnecessary" (i.e., lingerie). But knowing my sister as I do (correct me if I'm wrong, em), I didn't take her for a lingerie wearer. Instead, I made her some "sexy" red, satin-y pants with black lacy trim on the bottom. They were HOT.

Remember, I was single at this time, living with roommates. We didn't keep packing boxes around the house. (Unlike my mother who has a room in the basement practically dedicated to mailing and wrapping supplies.) What was I to do? Well, wrap them in the first box I could find: an empty Wheat Thins box.

As I was not in attendance at this shower, the remainder of the story is strictly pieced together from versions I was told. Like most showers, it probably began with some light noshing and chatting. Then it likely moved to the living room so the bride can open her presents and everyone can "oooh" and "ahhh" at the lovely gifts. When Emily gets to mine, she unwraps the present to find...Wheat Thins! Wheat Thins? Oh. Her response? "Well, I guess my sister knows how much I love Wheat Thins....Next present please!" (Okay, fine, the "Next present please" line was definitely fiction. But you get the idea.)

So no, the box was not opened. So yes, everyone at the shower thought I gave my only sister a box of Wheat Thins for her wedding. Why did she not notice that it didn't sound like a real box of Wheat Thins? Don't know. All I know is that 25 women think I'm crazy. But I'm here to tell you that I'm not.


linda said...

so the real question here: when did she find the present? i mean, wouldn't it be a bummer to have a yummy cheeseball and think, oh yeah, i've got that box of wheat thins, then open it and find some sexy pants? i'd be bummed.

Niederfam said...

That is FUNNY..............and yes, I'm with Linda, and want to hear the rest of the story.

Amber said...

That is hysterical!

emily said...

oh gosh, i'm totally laughing now!

so if this story proves that erin is not crazy, it probably shows that her sister is an idiot. :)

so, yes, i thought it a little weird that i got a box of crackers for my shower gift. but if erin isn't crazy she has got to definitely be weird, right?

and i am so past shaking my presents erin - that was so like 2nd grade.

i didn't find out what was really inside until i talked to erin and thanked her for the crackers. she was like, "and. . ." me: "and what????" then i found out!

i really felt bad that i made her look like a fool in front of a bunch of ward-lady-friends. but then i realized: hey, this is some pretty great pay-back for all the little-sister things i got dealt with.

fyi: i do like lingerie - but, come on, how often (or long) do you wear them???? haha.

emily said...

p.s. i really loved your comment, linda!

holly said...

that's a fun story indeed! :) glad to get the 2nd half from your sister's comments!