19 September 2007

New Poll (or "Take Gretchen's Mustard to Work Day")

Yesterday I brought to work a hot dog for my lunch. Like Daniel, I also love hot dogs. (Sorry Daniel, I do the non-fat hot dogs, which I'm pretty sure don't come in the kosher variety.) Anyway, the only topping that I allow on my hot dogs is mustard. I love mustard on hot dogs. Usually C and I stock up on condiment packets while at fast food restaurants so I can pack them with our hot dog lunches, but alas, we were out of the mustard packets for yesterday's lunch. I planned to run over to Union Station before lunch to grab some mustard.

Before I even realized it, it was time for lunch and therefore, no time enough for running to Union Station. At my work, there is a shared fridge. In this fridge has been one packet of mustard for some time. I wanted to take it. I really wanted to take it. My dry hot dog was crying out for it. But I knew it wasn't mine, so I didn't.

So here's the poll: Should I have?

P.S. And why the alternate name for the post? Remember
this? Or what about this? I should have asked if I could have borrowed Mr. Mustard for the day. I'm not afraid of seven-year old mustard. My mom's house has seen way older food than that.

Update given Daniel's questions: No, the mustard didn't appear to belong to anyone. It has been just sitting on the bottom of the fridge for weeks. But yes, our (countertop) fridge is almost always quite full. And no, no other condiment packages were present. Only the lone mustard.


nckuhn said...

there are a lot of missing variables here. did the packet appear to belong to another item in the fridge? Was the fridge mostly barren? are there other condiments in the fridge besides the one mustard packet. At my work we have a common fridge with lots of condiments specifically for the use of employees. In short, if it were me I would have used it because it would be my work and I would be supposed to use it.

linda said...

I would have used the packet. Didn't you say it had been there a while? Just replace it tomorrow. More people are probably wondering when the thing will ever be thrown away.

emily said...

used it. the person/owner of the mustard appears to not want it.

Gretchen said...

I totally would have used it! Little packets of anything like that I see as fair game. Most people don't keep track of that stuff - and if they do, and put it in a common fridge - they should label it.

But barring that, Mustard would have loved to visit your work. He's such a traveler. And a philanthropist.

Camie said...

Maybe we should all have a take mustard to work day. We could take pictures of it our our desks etc. It would be so fun. Oh and I would have used the mustard packet.