06 February 2007

My Subconscious is CRAZY

The most recent dream that I can make the most sense of was one I had the other night. C and I were in a very large room with a very large number of people in it. Somehow, C found his way to the front of the room and was playing the "air organ," you know, like the air guitar, but well, instead of the guitar he was playing an organ. (When relating this dream to a friend she asked how I knew it was the air organ and not the air piano. Duh. The organ has many different levels and I could tell that C was playing them all.) Of course I was mortified. I made my way to the front of the room and forcefully pulled him from his "act." I knew inside that I was somehow making it worse, that people felt more embarrassed for me instead of for him, but I didn't care. My husband was playing the air organ for goodness sakes. It was mortifying. Thank goodness some dreams don't come true.


emily said...

well you've got a bunch of years left to be sure that this WON'T come true. don't be so sure yet!

Camie said...

Fair point Emily. I do believe I actually saw C playing the air organ while E told this story last week. P.S. Your little boys are so cute!