02 February 2007

Matchmaker, Matchmaker...

For the most part, C and I are pretty well-matched. We are both extremely analytical and logical. We love problem solving. We are both left-brained. We are both math nerds who are proud to admit it. We both think we're smarter than the general population (please no comments on whether this is actually true). And we laugh at the same things. However, there are two places where we are polar opposites.

First: our palettes. I am sweet; he is salty. I am pesto and pine nuts; he is pepperoni and peanuts. I am half-a-can of soup; he is two bowls of chili. Surprisingly though, he has done very well being open-minded towards new things. Ground turkey tacos? He's fine with them. Ground turkey burgers? Well, not so fine. He will try most things (veggie burgers excluding). But he does have some food-phobias that I consider slightly elementary-school. He despises mushrooms, onions, cream of anything soup (and that includes things made with cream of anything soup), most vegetables (which is okay as I also despise most vegetables), and seafood. He won't try tofu or any other meat substitutes. As I don't mean to make this seem like a "C bashing" post, I'll admit that I really won't try most real meat. I am always trying to find fat-free or lower fat options, sometimes at the cost of better taste. After two years of being married, we've compromised on a lot of things. But it's still a struggle.

Second: motivational factors. I have them; C does not. This doesn't mean that he's a slacker at work. He seems to be really on top of things there and rarely has to bring work home. However, once home, he's done working. On the other hand, while I also never bring home work, I still find little jobs and projects to keep me busy around the house. Whether it's a designing new placemats, organizing files, getting lunches ready for the next day, filling the water bottles, planning our next vacation...I seem to be able to keep busy. But other than his daily chores, he seems to think the Wii is a better way to spend his time. Again, neither is right and neither is wrong. We're just different. And different is good.

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Todd said...

I try and be lazy at home, but unfortunately I'm in a phase of my career where I have to study all the time!