08 February 2007

I Heart My Nephews

As this blog has truly become my journal (therefore, more for me and less for you), I had to record this as it just gives me warm fuzzies. When C and I were in Colorado in January, we spent time with my sister and her family. I LOVE her family. Of course there's my sister, with whom I love spending time. My brother-in-law is great. But then, there are my nephews. Ooooh, my nephews. Could little boys be any cuter? (I better not have boys because how could they compare to such visions of loveliness?!) It's been really fun watching them get older. Also, I love that Miles calls me "Auntie." You know, because I'm his aunt and my name begins with an "e." (Will my sister be "Auntie" to my kids??? And don't you just love the lower-case e?!) It's funny to add that Miles has an uncle named Joe and when he was asked who C was, he mixed both names to come up with "Uncle Joke." HA.

Anyway, my sister and I talk about 5-6 times a week, either by phone or by instant messaging. Sometimes while using the phone, she'll put on her older son, Miles. The most recent time I talked to them, Miles actually said, "Hi Auntie" when he got on the phone. And then, right before he handed the phone to Emily, he said, "Bye Auntie." It was the first time he had done this, actually acknowledged that he knew it was me. I don't know why I loved this so much, but just thinking about it makes me smile. I've said it before...these boys give me hope I might actually like my own kids!

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emily said...

i'm glad they instill hope in ya! sometimes when miles has seen pictures of you, he'll say it's me. haha. my boys really do know you and chuck best so i guess i'll call you their favorite aunt and uncle - lucky you guys.