13 February 2007

One Reason to Love Being an Adult

Being an adult is mostly fun. We can drive, we have money to travel (although we don't often have the time to travel), and we can basically do whatever we want. One of my favorite things about being an adult, however, is knowing that I can eat whatever I want. Usually I'm pretty disciplined about it. But let me reminisce about my two best meals within one 12-hour period.

Before C and I got married, I was living alone in a condo in Orem. This condo was across the street from a Target. And not just a regular Target, a Super Target. One night I decided I wanted a Skinny Cow. Being the adult that I was, I simply went and bought a container of six of them (I think it was the peanut butter chocolate variety). Once I got home, I ate one. But it tasted so good that I had another. And I'm sure you can guess what happened next. Yep, I had one more. I wasn't feeling nearly as guilty as I should. I mean, they're a good source of calcium, and they are low-fat and low-calorie. Sure I didn't get all the nutrients I should get in a regular dinner, but isn't that why I take a multi-vitamin anyway? I went to sleep full and happy that night.

After my run the next morning, I decided that I wanted a Skinny Cow for breakfast. As much as I love cereal (and we all know how much I do love cereal), it was no match for a peanut butter chocolate Skinny Cow that morning. And nor was cereal a match for the remaining two other Skinny Cows I finished as well.

Like I said, best two meals ever eaten within 12 hours.

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