05 January 2007


I love making resolutions. There's something about being able to look at a list of things I'm supposed to be doing, doing those listed things, and then crossing them off one year later. (Not that C and I were that successful last year, but that's what these are for, right?) So here they are:
  • We won't watch any TV until after dinner (TV at the gym excluded, of course). This means that on days where we don't run and even when we do run, we will come home and find something else to do until we've eaten dinner (at our kitchen table, nonetheless) and cleaned up the dinner. Five days into the new year and we've been 100% on this. Although I'm not sure how Saturdays will work with this!
  • We will be better about doing regular chores. I have become quite meticulous at keeping a "straightened" house, but that's very different from keeping a "clean" house. I received a book for Christmas from my sis on housekeeping and it gave me some fantastic ideas about schedules and weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual chores. So we used a free calendar to note the chores that should be done every day. Hopefully this will help us remember when we are supposed to dust those darn books. Yesterday I didn't do my oiling of my kitchen table, but don't worry, it will get done today.
  • We will be better at being more spiritual during the 165 hours of the week when we aren't in church. How? As in most wards we have a specific topic during sacrament meeting. We will then use this topic throughout the week for discussions, scripture study, and just chatting. Hopefully this will help us a little in keeping out thoughts turned to the more spiritual aspects of our lives, an aspect that has been largely forgotten. As we didn't make it to church on Sunday, we haven't had an opportunity to practice this one yet.
  • C's personal goal is to limit his video game playing to one hour a day. This is really only a problem when he gets a new game because once that new game is in our house, it will typically be played until it's been beaten (think: saving the princess in Mario Brothers). It's a good goal for him and he's been excellent at it so far.
  • My personal goal is to work on having more virtuous thoughts. I know this seems vague, but it really isn't. It means that I will curtail road rage, less-than-appropriate language, and generally unkind thoughts toward others. I'm getting better. Think cheesecakes!

I think that these are attainable, and therefore good, goals for us. Already I'm loving the crossing-off of the chores!


Todd said...

Erin, in case you didn't read my blog about it, I think you would love www.joesgoals.com. It's great if you love checking off lists. I have been using it and I really like it.

Niederfam said...

Good work on the resolutions!! I have yet to make any, because why set myself up for failure so early in the year.....Oh wait!! I'm such a positive influence....I'll get there, I just haven't yet!!