03 January 2007

More Christmas Traditions

As this blog has become my journal, I wanted to post about the newly-established traditions that C and I put into place this Christmas season before I post about our New Year's resolutions. Here are the traditions that we started this year:

  • Watching a different Christmas movie every Saturday night in December,
  • Getting of the Christmas tree (about which has already been written),
  • Giving of new pajamas to each other to be opened on Christmas Eve, and
  • Eating a Christmas Eve dinner consisting of pizza on our lovely china.

And the one that I want to put into place for next year is the running of the "First Annual Family (and by family, I mean me and C) 5K" race! I would love to make silly t-shirts (yes, that would include puff paints) for us as part of the pajamas and then use them to race on New Year's Day. Am I missing any?


emily said...

"homemade" lumanarias were fun - but could pose a fire-hazard in an apartment?

erin malia said...

luminarias freak c out. it's pretty funny, but because he didn't grow up with them, they're super weird and he's really not sold on them. but yes, for sure they'd be outlawed in my current abode.