08 January 2007

My New Favorite Thing

I get a yearly bonus at work. Last year C and I decided to give ourselves a present and then save the rest of the money. That worked so well that we did the same thing this year. C bought a new monitor for our computer (it's sooo big now), while I got myself my new favorite thing: a Bose SoundDock for my iPod.

Those of you who know the most-recent version of E, know that one of the reasons that I loved my job at BYU so much was because there was always something going on. Whether it was just the noise students make while going from class to class or it was other faculty members playing golf in the hallway. If I wanted quiet, I could shut my door...but honestly, why would I do that?! So when my current job proved to be the quietest workplace you could ever imagine, well let's just say I struggled.

However, with my new SoundDock this is no longer a problem. I can sit and listen to my playlists that contain music from the soundtrack of "Oliver!" all the way to my Eminem. It's great. And when I get tired of my own music, I have the beauty of podcasts! (Thanks A for converting me to the way of these beauties!)

I certainly don't mean this as a commercial for Bose, but dang. When something is as great as this is, how can I not?


Andy said...

That looks awesome! R's Dad got us an under the counter iPod player from iHome. We installed it in the kitchen, and absolutely love it. All of our music on the our iPod's, and other than NPR the radio stations in NC leave something to be desired.

emily said...

i, ummmm, am pretty clueless as to what you're talking about. but it sure sounds grand.

Niederfam said...

OH....I would LOVE a sounddock....and who cares if it is a commerical for bose, they make good stuff!!! A friend of mine brought one to a girls weekend and we had such fun with it! I like the playlist variations!! But maybe you can be the one to start hallway golf?? :)