15 December 2006

What's my Age Again?

I have had a couple of experiences lately where people with whom I was talking learned my age. Upon learning my age, they were a little taken aback, as they said that they didn't think I was the age that I am (29). When I asked them how old they thought I was, the answers tend to be around 24 or 25.

Fine. Great. Spectacular. I look younger than I am. I'm sure that "someday I'll be happy about it." Even right now, I guess it's not horrible. It's not like I'm tired of being carded when buying alcohol or tobacco, because, well, I don't buy alcohol or tobacco.

So here's the real problem: when people think that I am 24 or 25 and then learn that I've been married two years, it automatically puts me into that category that I'm proud to not be in. (Please, those of who you did marry "young" don't get mad. You all know that the erin of the late-90s, early-aughts would have loved to have been married at age 19.) But the fact is, I wasn't. Instead, I finished my undergraduate degree, finished a Master's degree, worked two "real" jobs, traveled a lot, and just plain had fun. (Again, had my life gone differently, that is, had I been married while still in college and had a couple of kids already that would have been fine too. I am sure that I would still be proud of that.) But I like being in this category of being an older (at least for Mormons), accomplished bride and so when people think I'm not in this category, it makes me sad.

I realize that this is simply a pride issue. Maybe having a kid would make me look older; but then I'd be in another category I am not quite ready to be in: a mother!


emily said...

yeah, sis, i think the real reason people think we are younger is just b/c we are so darn short. when i was doing some pre-employment stuff for the hospital most people thought i was still in high-school! and my patients all think i'm a brand-new nurse. and most people freak out when they find out i'm in the mother-of-2 category. whatever. lose your pride and come join the "mother" category. you'll be glad you did. :)

Anonymous said...

We all have our pride issues. I'm proud to say that I'm not from Utah! Maybe I shouldn't feel that way.

Also, I think most parents (young or not as young) would say that once you have kids, it's not that you are proud that you have kids but proud of your kids.

emily said...

good comment todd, BUT i think all moms should be proud that they have kids - it's a tough accomplishment! but, yes, being proud of our kids is good too.