19 December 2006


Although I generally don't like people, I don't generally dislike them. In fact, I can only think of two people that I would consider my "enemies." Both of these people have no idea that I consider them thus; I think it would take the fun out of it if they knew.

My first enemy is the stars-and-stripes-bandana-wearing man from my old gym in Orem. He and I would get to the gym at about the same time every morning, but usually I would beat him by just a few minutes. (A note about this gym: There were about 15 treadmills that faced 10 televisions. You could get a remote control from the employees in order to change the channels on the TVs.) Usually there was one TV that was tuned into MTV. Before you judge me for watching this trash, have you ever watched TV at 5:30 in the morning? There is nothing on. So while I'm not generally an MTV watcher, I found it easy to run to the music. Enter the enemy. He would come into the gym, grab the remote from the front desk, and attempt to change my MTV to...KBYU, which was invariably showing some BYU devotional or reruns of conference talks. I certainly mean no offense to the brethren. But do you really expect me to run to Elder Scott preaching repentance? I don't think so! Enemy number 1 would ask me day after day if I was watching the MTV and day after day I would nod my head, "Yes." And then day after day, I would feel victorious as I won the war of the TV.

My second enemy is one that I have to deal with on a daily basis right now: the paperman. He is undoubtedly the worst paper deliverer I have ever had (and I've been getting the paper delivered to me since my freshman year in college...11 years). Why is he my enemy? His inconsistency. Some days the paper is by my door before I wake up (pre-5:32 a.m.) Other days it's not there when I leave for work (post-6:25 a.m.). This is the worst offense as I will then have to purchase a paper to read at work. I just don't understand why you can't get into a regular schedule and have the papers delivered at about the same time every day. Unfortunately I am definitely losing this paper war.

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emily said...

our paper is sometimes delivered by lunch - but usually not. around 1 or 2 perhaps? i don't get it either. but, being a paper-girl myself, most of the time if i was late it was due to printing problems and/or the person who delivered the papers TO ME. however, seeing how consistent your paper boy is at being inconsistent, maybe it is HIS problem alone.