22 December 2006

Gym Rats

On our way to the gym the other day, C and I were discussing some of the people that we see on a consistent basis. As we have never really talked to any of these people, we had given them nicknames (much like stars-and-stripes bandana man from my previous post). Here are some of them:

  • The Inclinators: two women who wear the heaviest clothing I've ever seen in a gym. This includes big sweatshirts, heavy sweatpants, and gloves. And these are not just lifting gloves, these are real, cold-weather gloves. These two women walk on the treadmill with it raised to a ridiculously high incline. It's pretty funny to watch. Do they really think that the water weight they're losing is really going to stay off of them?
  • PinkSkin: named because the day before an important Redskins game she was wearing a pink Redskins jersey. She's there in the afternoons much like C and myself so we see her frequently. I actually think she's someone with whom I'd be friends.
  • PinkSkin's mom: pretty obvious who she is. She is also often at the gym. She and her daughter will, of course, often chat and because of this I've learned quite a bit about PinkSkin. She has a boyfriend who is buying a gift for PinkSkin's parents, but doesn't know quite what to get them. Also, PinkSkin is a teacher, possibly of young kids.
  • The Frenchy Friends: two women who insist on only watching Oprah while working out. They speak French to each other.
  • Jar-Jar Binks: this crazy girl who has the craziest body movements while on the elliptical. If you saw her, you would totally understand the name. It's extremely awkward and you really just feel embarrassed for her.

Oh yeah, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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