11 December 2006

A Christmas Tradition

After spending a loooong week in Kansas City I'm finally back to a computer. Thank goodness. As nothing write-worthy happened, I'll tell the story of the first Christmas tradition as celebrated by C and myself.

We spent last Christmas with my parents in Utah. Because of this, we decided not to have a real tree and opted to use my little decorative trees from Michaels instead. This year we are staying home and therefore had no excuse to not get a real tree. So I decided that I wanted to make a fun afternoon/evening of the whole event and at the same time, create our first holiday tradition. The first part of this new tradition was to get the tree. Now, I love to support the local merchants and try to do so at all opportunities, but when their trees were more than twice as expensive as the six-footer from the local Home Depot, well, you can guess where we bought the tree. Plus, the Home Depot had this cool pull-through thingy that wrapped the tree in plastic to keep it together. It was so COOL.

Next we thought we'd treat ourselves to a meal out. It's not often that we eat out, so we thought we'd go fancy: Taco Bell. YUM.

After dinner, we brought home the tree and pulled out the rest of the holiday decorations. C worked on the tree while I put up everything else. We listed to Harry Connick's Christmas CD while working. So fun.

Once everything was completed, we turned off all the lights except for those recently added to the tree, fixed a batch of rice krispie treats, and ate those treats directly from the bowl while watching "A Christmas Story." It was an awesome night! Long live this tradition!


Anonymous said...

We love to add hot chocolate at the end too.

Niederfam said...

GOOD TRADITION!! In fact it's making me want to make up a big fat bowl of rice krispies now!! :) Must be the prego thing!!