06 November 2006

Our Giant

C and I have a new favorite grocery store. It's a Giant. We used to shop at an older but closer Giant, but have since been converted to this one. Why, you ask? A few reasons. First, it's not much farther than the old Giant. Second, it's much newer and therefore much nicer. Their produce is ten times better than the old Giant. Third, they have self-checkout! I love self-checkout. And fourth, and most importantly, the new Giant located by a HUGE retirement community. This means that in general, only old people shop there. (Sorry Mom and Dad, but according to the AARP, Social Security Administration, and a slew of restaurants offering senior citizen discounts, you're old!) Why does this matter? Because it means that the self-checkouts will forever be free because the 55+'ers won't touch that new-fangled technology! We love it!

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