08 November 2006

Reality Stars

The other day C and I were discussing television. Shocker. I guess it's better than just watching it without talking about it. Anyway, this discussion focused on the following topic: "If you could be on any reality television show, which one would you choose?" Of course C said "Survivor." And of course I responded with, "You'd be voted off before even making the jury." And he would too; he thinks and analyzes way too much and anybody who thinks and analyzes way too much on this game (except for Richard Hatch) gets kicked off, and kicked off early. Sorry baby.

For me, I would love to be the new host of "Cash Cab." It's this funny game show on the Discovery Channel where unsuspecting cab-riders are surprised to find out they're on a trivia game show. I think it would be fun to make people happy in that manner. Although the driving in NYC might prove to be too much for my traffic-hating soul. Maybe I could do "Cash Cab: SLC" or something.

I would also love to be on "Design Star" on the HGTV channel. I certainly don't claim to be an excellent interior designer or even a good interior designer, but the contestants got to do the most fun tasks and created such cool things. I think it would be fun.

And finally, I think being on the "Amazing Race" would be awesome. However, I'm not sure that C and I could do this together if we wanted our marriage to last. Maybe R is up for it?


Rachael said...

I would do the amazing race with you. I think we would lose though, because neither of us is very good about talking people into doing stuff. I would have to bring a ton of anti-nausea medicine.
A wants to be on Survivor too. I think he would get voted off early for a couple reasons, 1) he is a horrible liar and 2) he can't keep a secret. I agree with you though about C. He would never make it to the jury.

A said...

OK, I would love to do survivor, but I would at least make it to the merge. The lying and secret keeping doesn't start till then. By that point, my super human strength and brains (I am a biochemist you know) would help me will every immunity. Then the final jury would think I played the best game, because I never had to lie or keep a secret. Hello one million dollars!!!

chucklas said...

Yeah, I think too much, and I would am way too competitive. I would either go out early or stay for a long time. There would be no middle ground. The one thing I have going for me is that I don't care to talk about everything all of the time (probably why I don't have a blog). I wouldn't annoy too many people too early. Look at what happened to Cau Boi. I definately would have lasted longet than him. The other thing I have going for me is that I am a swimmer and people would want me around in the beginning for the challenges.

Anyway, there I go thinking too much. No wonder why I wouldn't make it to the merge.

emily said...

dang, i don't think i'd even get choosen to be on survivor! i also don't know if i'd even want to be on survivor because i really hate MICE. and seeing all the mice this season freaks me out.