03 November 2006

The Couple that Does Stuff

My favorite radio program is one dubbed "Radio from Hell." Thanks to the wonders of the computer, I am able to listen to them every morning, even though it's broadcast from SLC. The crew is made up of two guys (Bill and Kerry) and one girl (Gina). Kerry is a big sci-fi nerd; Bill is...well, Bill. And then there's Gina. The boys area always picking on Gina for something or other. She's an extremely picky eater who is afraid of everything new. She's lazy and ditzy. But she is extremely funny, and the show would be much worse without her. She got married recently and now has this idea that she wants to be part of "the couple that does stuff." Now, it's not Gina's style to actually know what "stuff" she wants to do. Rather, it's more her style to just say she wants to do stuff, because truthfully everyone knows she'll never actually do anything. (Although, to her new husband's credit, it seems more likely that she'll do something with this new husband of hers.)

Anyway, I too want to be part of the couple that does stuff! And like Gina, I'm not sure what "stuff" this is exactly. While C and I get along extremely well (I'm convinced no one could put with me the way he does), I'm just afraid that we'll find ourselves 30 years into this marriage and have zero shared interests. I'm seriously concerned about this. He has comforted me slightly by telling me that we already have quite a few shared interests: running, watching movies (especially those of the independent variety), camping/hiking, traveling, and the new one, dancing. But I'm still concerned that this isn't enough.

Maybe once we have kids this will be a non-issue because we'll be so busy with kids that we won't even have time for one another. But I want it to be obvious to our kids why it is that we're together. I want them to know that their parents like each other and enjoy spending time together.

So I guess my questions are, am I the only concerned about this? If not, then what are others doing about this?


Todd said...

Well, once you have kids, that in itself because a huge "common interest" and you have a lot less time to do other things. But, on the other hand, you have to still keep some of those other things up or you go crazy.

Melissa said...

I respect this plan of yours. Sometimes I wonder what interests my parents have in common, but they've worked it out. She goes to car shows with him, and he goes to the symphony with her, etc. Also, I guess having 30 years of marriage together is kind-of a huge shared interest. Still, I get what you're saying. For what it's worth, it seems to me that you two are on the right track.