01 November 2006

My New Second-Favorite Dog

Everyone knows I loves pugs. LOVE pugs. They're just the funniest dogs ever. Plus, they are quite hysterical looking. (Please don't say, "They're so ugly they're cute!" I hate that line. It's just not possible to be cute and ugly at the same time. You can say they're cute. You can say they're ugly. Just don't say they're both.) However, the other day, C and I went to a dog store because we were bored. Well, they had this mixed breed there that I had never seen: the puggle, a mix between pug and beagle. It was so freaking adorable. I looked them up on the internet and found some flattering pictures of them and some not-so-flattering pictures (the first dog pictured, for example).

Some day when we aren't living in the Grand Pre Ghetto; some day when we actually have a house with a garage; some day when we have an actual yard, we will have a dog. C is fine with this, and even fine with the fact that this dog will most likely be a pug named Ted. However, if we ever decide to add another dog to our family, I am going to seriously look into the puggle variety. C has already named the puggle "sponge bob puggle pants" or "puggle bob square pants" or something close to this. I love it.

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emily said...

i hope someday we can have puggle cousins. so fun!