24 October 2006

Jobs I've Had

I've had a LOT of jobs. A lot of different jobs. I'm not sure that I'll remember all of them, or even get them in the right order, but here's an attempt.
  • Babysitting
  • Cashier at Eat-A-Burger
  • Front desk clerk at Emily's gymnastics studio
  • Cashier at Natural Wonders
  • "Office Automation Clerk" at the VA Hospital (gotta love those government titles)
  • Gift wrapper during Christmas at Cottonwood Mall
  • Tutor for an after-school kids program at the U
  • Private tutor
  • Housekeeper at Jackson Lake Lodge
  • Cashier at the deli at some natural foods place
  • Front desk clerk at the U of U's Fieldhouse
  • Cashier at Kirkham's Outdoor Products
  • Substitute teacher
  • Front desk clerk at Alta Canyon Sports Center
  • Mathematical statistician at the Department of Energy
  • TA at GWU
  • Visiting Instructor of Statistics at BYU
  • Mathematical statistician at current job
  • A possible second job??? Details coming soon (hopefully!).

Gosh. That was hard. I hope I didn't miss any. Most people know that my hands-down favorite was teaching at BYU. But does anyone know my least favorite? (Hint: it's not my current job.)


A said...

I am voting for the Housekeeper, that would be nasty!!! Even though working in Jackson would be pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

It has to be Eat-a-Burger!

emily said...

i can only guess - babysitting????

Rachael said...

I am also voting Housekeeper. Didn't you get a different job at Jackson after you couldn't stand it anymore? I am definitely not voting for cashier at Kirkham's because that is where you met me. Yea you!

erin said...

gosh. i told emily that i didn't even really know the answer before i asked the question. but it can't be eat-a-burger. i had it too easy there. and not really babysitting either. if i did that now, it would be close. but back then, i actually liked kids. i think it's a tie between housekeeping and the deli. the bosses at both jobs were HORRID. and yes, rach, i started out doing regular housekeeping (which is the tied-winner) and then was changed to housekeeping in the main lodge, which was mainly dusting and being feed free (virgin) daiquiris. this second stint was definitely not horrible.