10 October 2006

This Weekend

Saturday night, C and I went to the wedding of one of his co-workers. It was my second non-Mormon wedding, and certainly the fanciest. But I learned that there are pros and cons to each type. First, I liked this wedding because it seems more "typical." I have seen tons of movies with tons of weddings, none of which matches the LDS temple ceremony. So it is fun to see ushers seating guests and a bride walking down the aisle. I liked this wedding because people got fed a real dinner. A real good dinner. We had these tasty pears-wrapped-in-Brie-cheese appetizers, among other things. For dinner, I had some super-tasty red meat. Also, all of the tables had candy (candy!) on them. I dined on the sour gummy worms all night. People genuinely seemed to be having a good time (but alcohol and dancing usually don't fail at this). Don't forget to check out her crazy Mad Hatter cake (or at least one close to it)!

LDS weddings certainly have their pros as well (aside from the whole "married for eternity" thing). First is that the commitment for guests requires a much shorter time. We spent four hours at this wedding Saturday night. Guests to my wedding reception could come in, shake our hands, get some cheesecake, and then be out the door in 15 minutes. And more than likely, our weddings don't generally cost as much as non-LDS weddings. We generally don't feed full-course meals and don't have open bars. I can't even imagine what this wedding cost the couple and their parents. But it was interesting to see.

That was Saturday. Monday was my day to play "housewife" as I was off and C worked. I LOVED it. I felt so productive, but enjoyed the rest at the same time. I slept in until about 7:30, read the paper, went running, showered, cleaned the house, and watched a little TV. I am always surprised at long this takes me (4.5 hours!). I can only image what it will take once I have kids. Then I went grocery shopping. After that, I came home and spent four hours in the kitchen. I made some granola, wheat bread, and chicken noodle soup for dinner. I was able to have a clean, good-smelling (thanks to the granola) house when C got home. And dinner was ready in 15 minutes form the time he walked in the door. It just felt good. Part of me is embarrassed to say this. I like being a working woman and earning my own money. But there is certainly something to say about taking care of a house and a man.

Does that mean I could do this every day? Not sure. Does this mean I could do it everyday with kids? Even less sure. But I would like to try it someday.


emily said...

i'm excited to see you try!

Todd said...

I was "in" a big, fancy non-LDS wedding once and I have to say that I also really enjoyed all the rituals and celebratory atmosphere. But, it was incredibly nice and had to be thousands and thousands of dollars. I had another friend tell me that her dad paid about 20k for their wedding.

Of course, there's nothing better than a simple, beautiful temple ceremony.