12 October 2006

Take this Job and...

I am really not loving my job lately. I'm not exactly sure why, either. It might be that I'm bored, because I certainly am. I have one project that I'm working on, and I really have no desire to work on it. I have been bored at work for about the past three months. I think these three months have untrained me on how to work. I just can't get back into a groove anymore. Sigh. So this has left me a lot of time to think about the pet peeves about my work. Here's what I came up with:
  • HR Departments. I have never found an HR department that I honestly believe does good work. I don't believe they exist. During lengthy conversations with C, we decided that HR departments suck because the people they hire have zero training to work in HR. I could go on and on about the screw-ups that my HR department has accomplished (giving my bonus to someone other than me, not passing on important paperwork, etc.), but I won't. I'm better than that.
  • People using the automatic door openers when they're obviously not handicapped nor carrying awkward packages. Honestly, how lazy can you be that you can't even open the door for yourself?!
  • People using elevators to go one floor. Admittedly I use it to go only two floors, but that's because we don't have stairs that make it an easy transition between floors three and one. (But if I have to go to the fifth floor, I take the stairs.) However, to go between the third floor to the second floor is an easy DOWNHILL walk.
  • Co-workers who have accrued hundreds of hours of sick leave but refuse to use it. Instead, they demonstrate what a "dedicated" employee they are by coming to work and spreading their germs to everyone else. Just stay home and watch Ellen. Sheesh.
  • People who think they know how to get the scanner to read the IDs. We got these new scanners that check our IDs before we walk through security. Sometimes they simply don't work. But people behind me seem to think they know the exact way to hold the card so that it will read. Don't they think I've tried everything? Don't they know that the way they're telling me to hold it is exactly what I was doing? Don't they know the person behind them is telling me something completely contradictory to what they're telling me? Everyone can't be right.
  • Blocked websites and software. Fine. I get it. Employees use their work time to visit porn. Block the porn. But is there any good reason to not allow employees to use some sort of IMing software? Don't they realize what an efficient method of communication it is? And what's so bad with me wanting to play a game of Scrabble with my sister during my lunch hour? Nothing I say.
  • People who bring reading materials into bathroom stalls. I'm not sure why this creeps me out, but it just does.

Did I miss anything?

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