06 October 2006

Fun for Fridays, Part Deux

During the General Relief Society meeting two weeks ago, a poem (search for "simple verse" to read it) was read by President Hinckley. My sister loved it so much that she wanted to somehow display it in her son's room. I posed this question to the "Home Front" online chat last Thursday (search for "poem" to find the post). But during yesterday's online chat (search for "lettering"), someone suggested this place. OH MY GOSH. It's my new secret desire to use their services sometime in my life. The things that they do, in my opinion, are so beautiful and really add a lot to a room. I just thought it was too cool not to share. Here are some of my favorites:


emily said...

warning: you need like an hour if you're going to visit the site. it's awesome and i spent about that much time looking at all the examples. i ordered a free sample from the place and we'll see if it sticks on our bumpy wall. if so, i think we'll buy a cheap one - like under $25. super fun ideas!

mom said...

only erin would want five time-zone clocks in her living room!!!