02 October 2006

My Life is Sooo Hard!

So I've returned to thinking (I know you're all so happy). And here's the latest. Often I feel the need to express the following statement: "My life is sooo hard." The expression is most frequently brought on because of something hard like, oh, I just missed the 6:34am train and had to wait three whole minutes for the next one. Or, all the new treadmills at the gym are being used, and I have to use one of the old (but still super nice) treadmills. Or, the most heinous of crimes, someone ruins my "grand finale" mouthfuls of Hot Tamales by eating one of my seven last Hot Tamales. (How am I supposed to eat one, then two, and then **FOUR** if I don't have seven Hot Tamales?!)

Admittedly, the previous examples are certainly not examples of my life being truly hard, but rather me being a spoiled brat (thanks mom, dad, and C). However, there certainly have been times in my life where it has been truly hard. But without fail, something will happen during these hard times and it will make me feel awful about feeling awful, like the time where I saw the show "A Face for Yulce"on TLC. WHOA. I mean, how dare I feel sad about my life when there are things like this going on in the world? I must be a horrible, selfish, spoiled brat for thinking that my life was hard.

But you know what? I'm not a horrible, selfish, spoiled brat for thinking that my life was hard. I may be horrible. I may be selfish. I may even be a spoiled brat. But sometimes my life really is hard. That is, it's hard for me. And I think that's the important difference. What Yulce had to go through was hard for her. And what my dear friend R is going through right now is extremely hard for her. And whatever trials I am going through, are hard for me.

I guess it is just a realization of the doctrine that Heavenly Father gives us only those trials that we are able to overcome. (C would add that this doctrine never says that we will overcome them, just that we are able to do so). I might not be able to overcome the same trials that Yulce would be able to overcome. But that doesn't make my trials any easier. They're still trials. They're still mine. And they're still hard.

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