12 January 2009

The Answer is 42

As a statistician, I thoroughly enjoyed analyzing the answers to Post #307. It seems that the only people who have heard "For the love of humanity" were Utahans; none of my non-Utah readers claimed to have done so. (I wasn't sure how to classify Deanna as I'm not sure where she's from. Nor was I sure about cousin Melissa whose time spent in Arizona is increasing as I type.) And while Gretchen claims to have also heard both, I don't count her on either side because she's too much of a word freak and therefore an outlier. In addition, she led me to the theory so she's biased.

All of this was certainly interesting, but irrelevant.

Given our change of address last June, this blog's name is no longer appropriate. And given the addition of the little man in March, the title, "c and e," (pronounced "candy") has changed to "c and e and e" (pronounced "candy-andy") which just doesn't flow as well. Plus, it's candy I'm in love with, not candy andy, whoever that is. Although if there is such a person, I'd like to meet him.

And so, I embark on a new journey with a new blog. That looks kinda like this one. One that contains the same types of posts. And has the same author. BUT it has a super clever title; am I right folks?! Let's just focus on that, okay? I can be clever!

Starting right now, January 12th 2:25 p.m. EST, you can find me posting at the brand new blog with a brand new look, all right HERE. Please tell all your friends. And don't forget to update the links on your own blogs, your Google Reader, your RSS Feeder, your whatever. Please. Pretty please?


Deanna said...

defintely interesting. I'm from Idaho, but since I went to undergrad in Utah, that may well be where I heard it. I can't claim to have heard it used very much at all anywhere I have lived.

Good luck with a new, witty title for your blog!

emily said...

of course!

Nicole said...

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who hadn't heard those! Now I don't feel so sheepish.

Onto your new blog...