17 July 2008

I'm Nearly Ariel

My hair is approaching mermaid length. What is mermaid length, you ask? You know, the length at which I could go topless and still be rated PG-13. Lucky for most of you, the following picture is the G-rated version. Sadly for those looking for soft porn, the following picture is the G-rated version. (Thanks go to Angie for introducing this vocabulary term to me. I do loves it so. Now everyone else use it once in a sentence today.)

Problem is: I hate it. Six days of seven it's in a pony tail. To spice up that pony tail, I may or may not put a braid in it. And if I'm feeling really saucy, I might add a headband. I think you see the problem.

I thought, "Hey, if it's this long, why not donate it to Locks of Love?" Turns out that they don't accept highlighted hair. Cross off that, I guess. But leaving it as is is definitely out of the question. The longer it gets, the heavier it gets, and the heavier it gets, well, the more I look like a blonde Mortitia. It's bad. It's flat and lifeless. Blah.

But now what? Anyone who knows me well knows how much I detest doing my hair. I usually say that I hate showering. Turns out that I don't hate the act of showering by itself, rather, I hate all the stuff that follows the shower. Especially the hair part. So it gets ignored.

Anyone have any ideas? How short do you think my face can take? What about a body wave perm? Anyone have experience with this? Remember that it's me you're talking to. This means almost no product and no implements other than a round brush and a hair dryer. Do I even have any options? Where is Nick Arrojo when I need him???

P.S. Holy crap! Did anyone else see that to get a haircut from Nick is a cool $500??


D&A said...

this post is so great! thanks for giving me the credit, i thought i was the only one sill using this term. now that you have achieved mermaid length, you have full permission to trim or chop to your hair's content. i say a blunt cut, just below your shoulders, but who am i? it's your hair. low maintenance is the key. if he hasn't already rhett will start grabbing and pulling hard.

Meg said...

I am so like you. I don't hate showering, its the "work" intaled after the shower.
I don't have much advice. I'm kind of in your shoes right now - pulled back hair everyday. It's really the easiest in the hot summer with kids.
However, I did have an awesome short cut once that I LOVED!!!! It was pretty short, but I could style it with hairdryer, brush and very minimal curling iron usage. I really think the key was my stylist though. I loved her and have not found one I like as much since. She would cut my hair exactly the same EVERY TIME!!!! I never find that.
Good luck. If you find a cut you like let me know, I'm in the market as well.

holly said...

that's a bummer they don't take highlighted hair. maybe there's some other donation place? a few months ago I decided to go grow mine out for Locks of Love. It's constantly in ponytail mode.

My fav short haircut is an A-line (short at back, longer in front) just long enough so I can tuck the front behind me ears, since I never style/blow/etc. I just tell em I want wash n go, cuz that's my reality! A few small layers can make it flare a bit on it's own and adds style.

If you want some fun, check out Mary Kay's Free Virtual Makeover. My lil sis is a consultat and we had a blast sending hairdo's back and forth to eachother.

Living in Tally said...

I have done the body wave perm thing. I actually found it to be good for me. Only problem is, that it solves the flat root problem for a bit, then it grows out, and you have flat roots with body in the lower half. If you aren't willing to round brush and blow dry after the shower, I say don't do it. Go for the just past shoulder blunt cut. If you go too short, then it is the maintenance of getting it cut every 4-6 weeks to keep the style.

Gretchen said...

e- i'm totally in the same boat as you. I really loved it when my hair was permed because it was SUPER easy to do, and it was humidity resistant. So key.

However, i can't really see you with any kind of curls. I think I like the blunt cut bob idea. That always looks cute on you. If you want to be REALLY edgy, you could go with the katie holmes bob + bangs look. That'd be cute, but might be a bit of maintenance. Depends on how good the cut is.

Sandra said...

I like that, "mermaid length" term. I had the same problem with my hair for a while after David was born. I got my hair cut in layers and just above my shoulders and it worked great. I never do anything to my hair, no hairdryer, no curling iron, I just don't have time.

lys said...

I'm with you, girl! Funny that you just posted this because in my head I was concocting a very similar post. My hair is a little bit longer than yours and just a little more blah than yours. I totally suck at doing hair-- it has two styles: down or ponytail. I don't know what to do with it because I feel like if I cut it short than I'll be forced into styling it. . . which I really don't know how to do. Honestly, my hair is the biggest pain. I constantly have to remind myself that I must be grateful for my unruly mop because there are people out there with thining hair or bald heads. That's what keeps me from cursing every morning when I get out of the shower and I have to deal with my hair. Ugggghhhhh!

Niederfam said...

Loose about 6 inches and cut a few short layers around your face and leave layers throughout at about 2........round brush for about 10 minutes and you should be good to go!!!! :) How's that???

Nicole said...

ok I had no idea about Nick Arrojo...seriously I agree, cross him off!! what a bummer. oh well. i guess i should dress horribly and then he can do my hair for free and i'll get new clothes!! :) yeah, long hair can definitely be a drag, but the pony tails are nice once in a while!