05 February 2008

I'd Like to Bear My Testimony...(again)

This time I would like to bear my testimony of good dental hygiene. Not that I had bad hygiene before, but I just feel extra lucky this time.

About one year ago, I saw an HMO dentist. It took three visits just to get my teeth cleaned, x-rayed, and looked at by the dentist. (Can you say, "Milking the insurance company?" I can and will.) When I finally got to see the dentist, she said that I grind my teeth so much that the teeth are being forced outward and my gums were receding because of it. And for the bargain price of nearly $2,000, she would perform the gum implants.

After much freaking out, I visited a REAL dentist (who was C's trusted family dentist, but didn't take our insurance). When he said, "She told you WHAT?!?" I felt better. He looked at my teeth, saw zero evidence of teeth grinding, and sent me on my way. But before he did, he said that teeth brushing with an electric toothbrush (my slight gum recession was likely due to too-hard brushing), daily flossing, and daily rinsing with Listerine, I should never have teeth problems again.

And now, one year (and one change of dental insurance plans) later, I'm proud to report that his method worked! No cavities in sight! I heart my new dentist.


Camie said...

This reminds me of the time my dentist told me that I grind my teeth and I need a mouth guard to sleep in, but that it wouldn't be a problem because I had such great insurance and it was covered. TOTALLY NOT COVERED THANK YOU VERY MUCH $500 LATER.

emily said...

how sweet.

so how much is an electronic toothbrush? i have some gum recession and know i brush too hard. but i can't help it!

Tamara said...

I LOVE my electronic toothbrush, three years now with no dentist issues.

Nicole said...

Wow! I guess it pays to get a second opinion!! I think I'm due to see the dentist, but I really don't want to...bad reminder!