04 January 2008

Utah Review

They always say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." (Although I've yet to figure out just who they are, exactly.) I thought quite a bit about this during my ten-day Christmas vacation. When I'm at home in DC, I always dream about returning to Utah. But once I'm there, I find that I ask myself, "Why?" Don't get me wrong; Utah is pretty great. But great enough for me to want to move back there? Doubtful. Here's why:
  • Everyone is the same. I'm sorry for those of you living in Utah, but for the most part, they are. They look like they just graduated from BYU as they tote around their two or three kids to the Cafe Rio. And when I'm in Utah, I fit right in. But here in DC, I'm different!
  • The dining situation. I realize that C and I are no foodies. However, we enjoy a good meal that doesn't necessarily come from a chain restaurant. But while in St. George for our anniversary (which, admittedly was a Sunday night--hey, vacation rules) we ended up eating at Fazoli's for dinner. I actually like this place (they make a mean chicken panino), but for our anniversary? Not my first choice. But seriously, when Fazoli's, Chili's, and Applebees are my only choices, I think that's pretty sad. (Related to this: what's even sadder is that residents of St. George voted Red Lobster "best seafood restaurant." Now that's just embarrassing.)
However, in the spirit of being fair, here are some reasons to move to Utah:
  • Golden Spoon frozen yogurt. This gem was bought by Golden Swirl decades ago, but then erased forever...or so I thought. While in St. George, C and I found one that had just opened. This treat handily beats my beloved McDonald's ice cream cones and even beats the wonderful cones at Maverik gas stations. Saturday night, I had half egg nog and half raspberry cheesecake. C had half cookies and cream and half cake batter (that's right...cake batter). When we returned for more cake batter (quite possibly the yummiest yogurt on the face of the earth) on Sunday, the store was closed. Sigh. And as our plane left early Monday morning, we were out of luck.
  • Moon shadows. Previous to our arrival, Utah received quite a bit of snow. So as we were driving at night during a full moon, it was simply beautiful. The moon was reflecting off the snow, giving enough light that you almost didn't need to turn on your headlights. Amazing.
  • Cowboys. We just don't have them here, at least in my county. But while in Utah, C and I stopped at a random church for a 9 a.m. sacrament meeting. Wearing a leather vest and bolo tie while sporting a funny-looking mustache, the speaker certainly would not have fit in here. Apparently this man had recently been reactivated. At one point, he talked about his mother, which brought tears to his eyes. His reaction to this? "Shoooot, cowboys don't cry." (To be said with thick cowboy drawl.) C and I were shaking with laughter in our seats in the overflow. But then he topped himself with another story. He said that his son had asked him why he didn't attend church. His response? "I guess I'm just lazy and, well, NASCAR is on." AGAIN, you just won't find that in Montgomery County, much to my dismay.

Hmmm...apparently Utah has more pros than cons. Too bad they pay their teachers slightly more than minimum wage.


linda said...

love it. love it.

we do have the southern thing here though. sacrament meetings can be pretty interesting at times. heck, you can say anything about anyone as long as you end it with, "bless her/his heart." i have been taught down here that it counters any negative statement.

emily said...

i've never really been in an interesting sacrament meeting. poor me.

but i have to disagree and say i think it's great that not many restaruants were open on sunday. come on, do you want to work on a sunday? really. maybe next time you should go to walmart on saturday nite and buy some halibut (i acutally bought some for ben's birthday and it was really, really good.)

enough preaching?

and, man, if i had known about golden spoon, perhaps we would have vacationed in st. geoge after all! not really, but quite tempting. . .

Lisa said...

I love that you know that Maverick has yummy ice cream cones, bless your heart!

Melissa said...

Utah can be a mixed bag. But as long as you keep vacationing here, I guess you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

erin said...

please emily, it was our ANNIVERSARY. the last one we'll ever have without kids. you're telling me that i should have made fish (which C absolutely hates) for our dinner? sorry. i don't care if it was sunday, we were eating out.

emily said...

fish was an EXAMPLE - i have no idea of everything that C will and will not eat. but if i would have said steak, i think i would have been safe.

and don't give me that it's the "last one we'll ever have without kids". you're the one that has told me you hate it when people say, "just wait till the baby comes, then you won't be able to do anything. . ."

maybe you'll enjoy your anniversary more when you do have kids because then being out together with just you and C will be extra special and not something that happens weekly or monthly.

and, while i'm at it, i wasn't saying going out on sunday for your anniversary on a vacation was bad. i was just saying i didn't think you needed to gripe about restaurants being closed. that's all.

if i sound mad, i'm totally not. :)

Niederfam said...

Okay, you made me laugh and I can totally see your point, and I occasionally pick up Cafe Rio for my husband and two kids of course...:) But every thing and every place does have a list of pro's and con's like you said, and I also LOVE that you know about Mavericks soft serve treats!!! I'm willing to bet in a few more weeks you'll be dreaming of another Utah vacation, especially with the Met increase!!! :)