02 January 2008

Christmas Wrap-Up

Now that I'm back at work (hence the return to blogging), I thought I'd share some of the fun photos of Christmas. (Check em's blog for more pictures of my cute nephews and niece.)

C and I traveled to my parents' new home in Utah. Being there meant actually having a white Christmas, which is always nice. Being there (in a new brand home) also meant great showers, an expansive kitchen, and a garage. Coming home to our crappy apartment was seriously depressing. Getting up at 5:37 EST this morning, which was 3:37 MST, was even more so.

First, it can't be a family Christmas with my mom including non-food items in our Christmas morning breakfast. In our orange julius a few years ago she blended the top of the blender into the drink. The plastic made a kind of warm ice. This year, she included foliage in the cheese braid. That crazy mom! It turned out beautifully, in spite of the added greenery. (Click on the picture to see the totally undoctored picture enlarged.)

And as all three of my parents' children were there with all the grandkids (even if one is still in utero), we opted for a DIY family photo. Not too bad!

And then C and I were lucky enough to have some alone time in St. George for our anniversary. (Thanks for the ride, Dad!) We spent that morning hiking in Zions and the afternoon watching the Redskins make it to the playoffs by beating Dallas. (Guess which one of us picked which activities?) Dinner out was...well a post for another day.

Happy New Year!


emily said...

we're so glad to have seen you guys! it was great.

i love that last picture of you and chuck. very cool!

i'm excited to hear about the dinner. . .

Camie said...

That is a great picture of the fam. Why aren't you showing off your belly?

holly said...

sounds like a fun gathering. LOL about the non-food items and the "crappy apt" contrast.... :D

ditto, you should be on the end showing some baby belly! nice outfits though, you all coordinate quite well.