03 December 2007

Best Wedding Reception Ever

No, it wasn't mine. (C and I both agree that while we loved our wedding and our entire wedding day, it wasn't the greatest wedding ever.) Rather, the best wedding reception ever was one C and I attended over the Thanksgiving weekend.

What was so great about it? For starters, we arrived at 5 p.m. for a cocktail hour. Wow...if only we drank. But let me tell you, my free Sprite was awesome. An hour later, (yes, a full hour of said open bar), we were ushered into the dining room. To find your table, you had to find your little placecard (see above picture). How cute is this?! And how great are those bridesmaids for putting these together?!

Once all the guests were seated, they started to announce the entire wedding party. First were the parents of the bride. The DJ (yep, they had a DJ) played some fun little song and the older couple did a fun little dance, to the "oooh, how cute" of the entire audience. Next came the parents of the groom. Their dance was a bit funkier and their dance, a little funkier as well. Now the audience is chuckling. BUT then come the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. I'm not sure who picked the music, but each couple had some different song (e.g., "Cotton-Eye Joe"). In addition to the fun songs, (here comes the best part) they all did some totally crazy and totally choreographed dance. It was hysterical. Can you just picture how much fun they all had choreographing their dances?! The entire audience was laughing so hard. At our table it was unanimous: Best. Wedding. Ever.

Then, of course, came the food. We got salad (yum, feta); we got crabcakes; we got prime rib. (Take a look a the placecard. C and I both had filet mignon, hence the red rose. But if you ordered the salmon, your rose was pink and if you ordered chicken, it was yellow. Awww, how cute and how practical!) And then we got dessert: a yummy chocolate pudding in an edible chocolate bowl AND chocolate-dipped strawberries. All this in addition to the continuously open bar. Again, bring on the Sprite!

And after dinner was the dancing. Given my "delicate condition" (that, and the fact that we just ate a lot of food...see above paragraph) we weren't much in the mood for dancing. We did get in one dance though.

It was just a great time. We only hope the bride and groom had as much fun as their guests!


Ruth & Ryan said...

Ryan and I went to an awesome wedding in NJ once. After the ceremony we went directly to the reception site where there were about 15-20 different buffet sites with a meat table, a shrimp and seafood, a pasta bar, and more! Well, we filled up and then an hour later they took us in for DINNER! We thought that was it and seriously filled up only to be served an entire 7 course meal in another dining room. There was dancing with a light show and we couldn't see the DJ but his voice filled the room. This was a FULL day event. Crazy.

emily said...

dang, sounds good. maybe ben and i should have a "re-do" or something. glad you could go, though!

Nicole said...

How entertaining! It sounds way fun.

Niederfam said...

yeah there are some things non-mormons do much better and wedding parties on the list, if you ask me!!! glad you had so much fun, do you think the dances made it to youtube???? :)