30 November 2007

The Post Where I Just Complain

You should be grateful that I waited 22 hours to post this. I'm just so tired of big corporations. I can't imagine working in corporate America. Here is a list of my least-favorites:

  1. PayPal. I HATE them. HATE HATE HATE. I argued with them for 35 long-distance minutes yesterday about why I cannot verify my account with them. And if I don't verify my account with them, I can't get paid. I did have a choice, however, that would let me get a PayPal credit card. Right, like that's what I'm going to do. A credit card through PayPal? Are they high? No thanks. Besides, any monies paid to me would be sent to the card unless I requested checks. CHECKS?! Again, who are they kidding. I'm still seething about this.
  2. TicketMaster. They're almost as bad as PayPal. I hate that you end up paying so much more due to their fees. Ridiculous. I also hate events where the only way you can get tickets is through TicketMaster. Don't they know how evil TicketMaster is? Why must you support the evil empire?
  3. Comcast. Why is it so hard to offer me good service at a reasonable price? And what is it exactly that should be worth $120 per month? You're not doing anything. Once you install the line (which is a matter of turning a switch at my apartment), you're done working for me. We know you're not going to provide any kind of follow-up customer service.
  4. Kaiser Permanente. At ultrasound one, Mr. Mullet didn't want to show us his spine. I was told that I would need to come in for another ultrasound. Fine. I got a phone call from the OB's office saying that I needed to schedule this appointment for some day before the 10th of December (which is only 10 days away). I call radiology and am told that not only can the girl on the phone NOT schedule the "urgent" appointment, but the girl who does do the urgent scheduling is just not available. She's there, but just not scheduling the urgent appointments. They'd take my name and return the call later. Really?! This is how you handle "urgent" appointments? I'm just glad that something isn't seriously wrong with me. UPDATE: I just got off the phone with them again and apparently the "urgent" appointment setter has 5-7 days to return my phone call. This is not 5-7 days until I'll have the appointment. It's 5-7 days until I can even set the appointment. How can Kaiser not see this as ridiculous?
  5. Any company that uses an automated phone system. My main complaint with this is that generally I'm asked to enter some type of ID. But for some reason, once I'm connected to an operator, that operator then asks for the same ID. Why did I have to enter it the first place if they're not going to use it?! How hard is it to transfer this information to the operator? Sheesh. I know very little programming but am pretty sure that even I could accomplish this.

And people think government is bad. I honestly don't know which is worse.


Todd said...

Not that I don't sympathize but I have to say that I have both given and received government healthcare and it is far, far worse. But other than that, I totally agree. We in the Ebbert household hate Citibank and AT and T.

Megan said...

I TOTALLY feel your pain!! When we moved into our house, the air conditioning had broken. Not a big deal since we have a home warranty plan for a year. Well, 3 weeks later and after me getting mad to some poor girl on the phone, it was finally fixed. We all have our sob stories. I wonder what a solution would be?

emily said...

a solution? i don't know. . . maybe people who actually care AND are smart. now that would be something.

Niederfam said...

I'm with Em, be smart and care, two crucial ingredients to successful communication.....AHHH!!!