05 November 2007

Completely Random

Just a bunch of random thoughts.

First, check out this week's Bruno picture. Yes, that is Bruno foaming at the mouth. He had just finished eating his lil' smokies for the hot dog eating contest at last week's Pug-toberfest. This amount of foam is not uncommon for him during feeding time. And that tongue. Always with the tongue.

Second, my cute fall swap partner received her package on Friday so now I can post pictures. Check them out here. I can't wait for mine!

Third, only one week until the ultrasound. We're going to make an entire day of it, since I already have the day off. We'll see a movie, grab some lunch (at a real restaurant!), and then (hopefully) find out the Mullet's gender. At my last OB appointment the nurse practitioner said that the Mullet was such a good, strong kicker, that it has to be a boy. And at a much earlier appointment with an internal sonogram, she thought she saw testes. Given these facts, I'm pretty much convinced it's a girl. But let me say something about the Mullet's kicking abilities. Man, can this kid kick. Apparently, others don't usually feel the kicking of fetuses (feti?) until about the 23rd or 24th week. When we told the NP that C had felt them around week 19, I think she was a little doubtful, as was my sis. However, the little one came through and brought the kicking to the appointment, thereby validating us. Thanks Mullet!


Niederfam said...

I love that you base the decision that it must be a GIRL, based on the same reasons why others assume it's a boy!! FUNNY!! But I'll go with you, the mother's intuition, can't wait to hear who's right, I'm glad you are making a day of it, it sounds GREAT!!!

Ruth & Ryan said...

I love all the stuff you made! How fun! I seriously want the magnets, so put them on Etsy so I can get some! Plus, love the fabric for the placemats.

Good luck with the ultrasound! Have fun!

erin said...

nat--mother's intuition is the one thing i don't have here. i'm just sure that because she was so sure, that it'll be wrong. really, i have NO idea and NO preference, honestly.

ruth--just wait. i'm still working on the etsy thing. but you can bet that they'll be there.

Deanna said...

All of your swap gifts were AWESOME!! Love them. I can't believe you were actually worried about someone liking such cool stuff!

I'm with ya on the kicking thing. I felt Alia early and both Todd and I felt Lawson WAY early (though, of course, no one at the doctor's office believed us at all). I hope baby cooperates for you and you get to find out what he/she is. That makes it so much more real for me. And our darn Alia made me wait an extra month to find out what she was because she was so dang modest in the ultrasound.

emily said...

whatever. it's still totally, ummmm, gastric discomfort that you're all feeling.

haha, kidding.

it's so fun when the boys can feel it, too!

i can't wait.