01 October 2007

Update on Resolutions

Happy October! I'm so excited that it's finally October that I can barely stand it. It is, quite possibly, my favorite of all the months. December is pretty good too.

So let's see how C and I are doing on our resolutions. The first one was that we wouldn't watch the television until after dinner. We're not doing so well on this one. What we are trying to do recently is not add to the already huge list of TV shows that we regularly watch. In addition, if nothing that we like is on, we are going to turn OFF the TV. We won't just keep it on for the noise. We are still eating dinner at the dinner table, most nights at least.

The second resolution was to do chores on a regular basis. We have a beautiful chore chart on the refrigerator and look at it some days. We're okay on this, but we could definitely work harder. I think we're still doing better than last year, however. Isn't that the point?

Third was working on spirituality. My calling in the Young Women has definitely helped with this. I am able to enlist C to help me make the decades-old lessons actually applicable to today's 12- and 13-year olds. Better, but still not great.

And fourth, virtuous thoughts for me. About the same as the last update.

Only three more months to go until we get a new set of goals!


Camie said...

I love that Chuck is the one who can help make old lessons applicable to teenage girls.

emily said...

the hardest parts about resolutions are actually remembering them and reflecting on them - so good work!

p.s. LOVE the bruno pic of the week. great idea and awesome picture!